Matthew Wilburn Skinner / Press

"Matt's talents are not strictly limited to his time in Tallgrass. His solo performances are a thing of beauty. You are sure to be drawn in by the first soulful moments. Very proficient on both guitar and banjo, Matt enjoys playing and experimenting with open tunings. Drawing from many influences, his songs are honest and soulful, with beautiful depth."

“With their new release God, Sin, Whiskey, and Women, Iowa City's Tallgrass crafts a refreshing twist on some familiar musical territory. It is a soundtrack of leather saddlebags, a sun-faded cattleman's duster and barbwire slowly taming a wild prairie. Just like the recent remake of the western 3:10 to Yuma, these songs retain enough of the original to keep it in comfortable territory, but offer up enough contemporary flair to make it interesting. I really hope somewhere Johnny Depp is preparing to make a movie for these songs... ...If you're a jaded music lover who is tired of knowing where a song is going before the first chorus is finished, you'll love the subtle musical surprises in this album. The music is just familiar enough to lull you into a practiced enjoyment, then, WHAM, you realize that the stagecoach lurched left where you thought it would turn right, and all the listener can say is "damn".”

“We chatted while the first band set up. We drank as they were introduced. We shut up, in awe, when they began to play. While we just wanted to catch up, Sam and I couldn’t seem to pull our attention from the soulful, passionate, outright awesome music that was being produced on stage. The rhythm was guttural, it drove home the pain of my day like only good soul can. This wasn’t some fly-by-night blues band playing old licks and trying to fake ‘feeling’, these guys had it, and it was pure. Their music reminds me of my surroundings… the resolve of the blue-collar, hard workin, tough-life, tough-love, ‘play while you can’ bones and grit of the midwest. It is hard, it is honest, it is gravel in ice, and it brings me home in heart and head.”