Talk Rock / Press

““Scapegoat”, a track that crashes through the gates on the album’s most claustrophobic, tidal riff. It perfectly sets the stage for the song’s continued tensions and balances between darkness and hugeness.”

“They're already back with a new album, "Vile," that retains the basic template from "Modern Gripe" but expands into even more experimental territory.”

“This month, Sioux Falls thunder angels Talk Rock release their second album. Entitled VILE, the album is a sonic fist that alternately pumps and swings through nine vein-flexing anthems of power and mystery.”

"Talk Rock needs to be seen live with their amps loud enough to kill your grandmother. Their music is not intended for the faint of heart, and neither are their performances. Before an audience, they stand as men only aware of the sound they create and the rhythm that drives their heads to and from the earth, as musicians concerned about music rather than the bullshit of modern music, and as a band demanding attention the only way they know how: with ear splitting rock n roll."

Chris Strand - Freelance

"...Mix of Modest Mouse and Mogwai being molested by Black Sabbath...nice work."

Nick Michalski - Freelance

"...The resulting album, Modern Gripe, has quickly become the talk of the Sioux Falls music scene. While certainly chock full of loud, dirty metal-ish riffs, there are elements of psychedelia, hardcore, and stoner rock. It’s a record to play loud. Very loud."