“Wow, "Never Forget" is.. "OUTSTANDING" Guys!.. The "Lyrics", vocals, guitar work, bass and drums sound awesome!”

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“So the first band takeout was effin great! :)..”

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““With the addition of Zach Yeager on the guitar; Takeout added a depth to their music beyond recognition. Takeout has finally become a band that is able to deliver what the listener needs.” S. Mercado ”

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“Takeout’s new origins can be traced back to 2004 when Joseph Rivera II, Mathew Sherman, and Matt Sadler met and created a unique sense of music and harmony. Their unforgettable melodies have been entertaining followers for the last 8 years. After much success on the local scene, Takeout’s original member’s decided to enhance their lineup with current lead guitar member, Zach Yeager. Zach’s addition to the band added a depth to Takeout’s guitar work that has enabled them to enhance their melodic rock showcase. In winter 2011, Takeout began their journey in the studio to incorporate Zach Yeagar’s guitar innovation to the current Takeout melodies. With maturity and growth in their sound through studio insight, they are currently recording their new EP with enhanced stable melodies. Available in early spring, listeners will be exposed to incomparable vocal melodies supported by robust instrumental backing. ”

“So, I'm kinda glad I had the house to myself tonight, because once I could listen to music, your songs were on repeat so loudly I could hear it from my mailbox. Yes. That was necessary. Your stuff is just that good. ”

“Takeout has amazing stage presence and is able to engage the audience with their energy and catchy hooks. I love 'em." Scott F.”

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