TAD / Press

“What’s important is that albums like Inhaler and Infrared Riding Hood kick so much ass you’ll need a cushing afterwards. Nowadays, everyone loves them. The underground as usual is in the know, and as they claim, they were always into Tad”

“Tad was led by a psychotic, woodsman and former butcher who wrote dark lyrics and was an evil guitar wizard with a bag full of mean, crushing riffs at his command”

“For a band that was on the outer limits of crazy, there's a surprisingly down to earth story behind it all. Four Stars!”

“Tad had the musical chops to compete with any of their peers, and on the Bleach tour with Nirvana the band more than held its own, as the film demonstrates. RATING: 8/10”

“Tad was more than a hard-partying hard rock band from Seattle, they were, for a time, the quintessential Seattle band that all other bands in the area looked to for help and guidance.”