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“Album Review: To call this a masterfully crafted work of art would be slanderous, but I have to admit, this might be the most entertaining album I’ve listened to all year. There aren’t many albums that can address mosquito bites, Breaking Bad, and sex with extra terrestrials in the same track list, but Nocturnal Gold somehow manages to maintain an enjoyable quality despite its sometimes off-the-wall subject matter. The album starts slow with the titular track “Nocturnal Gold,” a mellow acoustic and organ based tune peppered with nature sounds, but picks up immediately with the single “One Night.” Arguably the strongest track on the album, “One Night” discusses the search for a night of NSA fun through a seamless blend of hip-hop beats, guitar solos, Taco and Keela’s fun rhymes, and a killer chorus line by Ballyhoo’s Howi Spangler. Considering this year’s summer anthems, “One Night” is close to the top in my book. [Read More Below]”

“Nocturnal Gold releases July 31st and contains 13 songs + 3 bonus tracks and features guest appearances by Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! and Dirt Nasty. THis is the groups 5th release and nationally distributed album. This is the groups first release since 2013’s Suns of Beaches which debuted #1 on the iTunes reggae charts the day it was released. The group explains the sound of their upcoming release: “Although reggae rock is the main stay for our sound and is what drives our style, we always like to push boundaries with different sounds and make them our own. Adding styles from rap to heavy rock, ska, pop, and even a little country ‘ish’ on one track.” “One Night” is the leading single from the new 16 track record and it features Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! on the hook. "After first listen of the final mix, we knew this was the song we were going to lead the album off with, and we just think it’s the perfect fit to start off any summer night right.” [Read full articl”

“Taco & Da Mofos will be releasing a new album entitled "Life's A Beach (The Ultimate Collection)" that will contain 4-5 brand NEW tracks, as well as a couple of remixes and essential MOFO songs from past albums as well. Taco & Da Mofos have been in the studio for the past several months working on a new album, but due to so much new material and fan demands, they've decided to release this compilation "of sorts" album. "We've been working hard in the studio, but started actually writing even more songs in the process and they started coming out so good we were all like we HAVE to include these new ones on the next album. So we've decided to do just that, and decided not to rush anything and just start recording this brand new batch of songs." says Keela. "Plus we have tons of fans that tell us they love this album or that album, and they've never heard that album or this album." adds Taco, "Not to mention all of the.... for the rest of the press release, click the link below:”

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