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“Give these guys a listen if you like Disturbed, Rammstein or heavier Rage Against The Machine. In fact give them a listen period. They are worth it. You will be hooked.”

“Openers for the night were Las Vegas modern rockers Systemec. The band wowed the crowd with their songs “Skywind,” “Remembrance,” “Stress Test” and more.”

“Systemec put on the most personal performance of the night working the room and engaging the crowd belting out heartfelt songs with meaning.”

“The show was opened up by Las Vegas locals Systemec. For those of you who have not had a chance to see this band, I urge you to get out and do so right away. This was my first time catching this act, and I could not believe they were an unsigned local act when I listened to them. They came across with kind of a Five Finger Death Punch or Disturbed vibe that sounded very polished and ready for the airwaves. I expect big things from these guys out of the Vegas scene in the near future. I encourage everyone to catch them opening up for Trapt on June 1st at Vinyl.”

Ed Tucker - RockOverAmerica

“Systemec delivers a heavy industrial sound that pays homage to purveyors of this genre like Rob Zombie and Prong. "Skywind" more than capably plunders this semi-mechanized sound, while showing a lyrical cleverness as well. Using the time-honored "sky" metaphor, the lyric "watch the sky slip away" can easily be morphed into "watch this guy slip away." Heady stuff.”

“Join the "SYSTEMEC" mailing list and receive free download of "Skywind" their debut single featured on Baja Racing Edge of Control xbox 360”

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“SYSTEMEC featured on 2010-2011 Bacchus StarLeague Finals”

“Listen to "Skywind" the debut single by SYSTEMEC featured on the XBox360/Playstation Video Game Baja Racing Edge of Control! ”

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“SYSTEMEC is currently in the studio writing/recording song for reality tv show "Beyond The Baracade" Stay tuned in for more details coming soon!”

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“SYSTEMEC lands publishing deal with Mobius Music!”

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“SYSTEMEC music featured on STREETBEAT!”

Silverlake Music