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SYRINX / Press

“Raw yet subtle improvised guitarish dronescapes from this recommended British ensemble (& main project of the DARK MEADOW label), extremely trancy, hypnotizing, nebulous, other-dimensional. We love it!”

“Getting a little burned out on ambient music? Can't deal with anymore atmospheric synth jams? Well Syrinx & P·A·L· have just what the doctor ordered. Governance merges mellow guitar drones, mechanized noises, and ghostly, synthetic vocal loops to create an ominous industrial ambient sound. It's unsettling and engaging, the sort of thing that raises those hairs on the back of your neck. Need I say more? Go snag a copy.”

“The three Syrinx lads are getting better and better at their particular thing every time I hear them. On their two contributions to this split album they are well and truly over the initial exuberant brio of the project and gone (although I'm sure they'll make a return) are the wall of noise histrionics. In their place is a subtle and refined sense of control over the direction each piece will grow. They have embraced a more minimalist sensibility that has given their downtuned guitar and electronics music a real sense of grandeur.”

“Endless droning improvisations to loose your mind in; second album by this UK collective with members of GHOUL DETAIL”

“Syrinx manages to skillfully walk the line between mechanized drone and harsh ambient, producing some impressive work. There's something sinister about Detach, especially when the flutes make an appearance. Recommended.”

“Again Ed Plenderleith surpeises with another projects inhis long creative carrear as exponent inside the experimental drone ambient movement.This time he emrges with a pulsative organism called SYRINX,in which through two long compositions he reveal us a harsh drone structures moving and building itself vast scenarios of oscure nature.Both compositions namely "Last Stand Of The Withering Body" and "Reborn Thru A Savaged Beagle" moves so slowly and dense,creating such decadent and abysmal soundscapes,bringing you desolation and hopeless visions,the surprise here is the inclusion of Jhon From Ghoul Detail in this project as a perfect complement of what Ed want to develop here. Guitars sound expositions mixed and re arranged though samples and effects to create isolationism soundscapes able to trascends the relities and visons of your mind.A suggestive project with such kind of trance atmotpheres and meditative tunes great to explore into loneliness”

“4th album by this UK "harsh drone" project consisting of GHOUL DETAIL, GLOWINGPIXIE and PINK VENOM; dark psychedelic drone at its best!”

“As a reviewer, it's frustrating when presented with an album like Fear Of The Red Admirals because I'm acutely aware that whatever I write down is not going to accurately convey the magnitude of the music on the album. A collaboration between mechanized drone unit Syrinx and post-rocker Jessica Bailiff, these are some of the most dynamic experimental tunes I've heard in a while. I dislike categorizing the album under such a broad, amorphous term as “experimental,” but there's so much going on that it shouldn't simply be tagged as either ambient or drone. One can't help but become submerged in the waves of sound that slowly roll over you. Fear Of The Red Admirals is a must have for your collection”

“Though this 4th album SYRINX,and this time the project has released a vast album full of dense guitar elements and distant atmopshres collapsing perfectly each other,to create an in deep exploration of sences in all possible ways. Two long compositions in which you shall experience a mutative defragmentation of sounds from a highest perpective.Harsh ambient structures evoking itself through drone passages.SYRINKX has so many interesting elements in the process of creating music,so becoming enigmatic and well structured through each one of the whole releases. The experimental touch is present here too,giving such original facet to the whole album,although the drone and ambient passages are the predominant elements included here”

“First album of this quite new UK drone project, doing two long & slow hallucinogenic drone-morass pieces based on diverse bass & guitars, very psychedelic & otherworld”

“A solo long 56 minutes composition in which you shall float far beyond a new dimension of possibilities where shadows veils will be opened in order to discover its many dark,and isolated faces. Again surprise us with a very interesting album full of intense moments due how the track is evolving from start to finish.such Long drone ambient composition mutating all the time in order to giving you the possibility to explore the psychedelic dark voyage to the center of shadows where everething is beyond the illusory world to be a concrete latent force.Without a doubt the guitar atmospheres and ambient layers generated here are just brillant in the way as slowly the drone elements emerges to absorb everything and creating diverse atmospheres again and again.The use of homemade thythmic instruments and the use of fieldrecordings among other elements gives a diferent touch to the whole track in general.lets just hope to continue exploring the intense moments generated by SYRINX next time...”

“This is my first encounter with these both harsh drone ambient acts,coming from Uk.And this encounter bring us to transplutonic dimensions,coz we were submerged in ethereal atavisms surrounded by spectral fog and shapes. SYRINX is formed by Ed Plenderleith,a creative eclectic spitit and deconstructive artist. Through “Reunion”,which is the only track released in this split cd,you can experience a long intellestellar voyage to the core of dark nebular holes, melting themselves into radioactive emanations developed by drones and a minimalistic atmosphere which transport you to unknown alien dimensions.”

“One of the most impressive collaboration releases coming to my hands lately. SYRINX. The idea to create this cooperative release was mostly to experiment with new sounds and atmospheres inside the droe ambient structures,and more when working together a creative artist as Jessica Bailiff. The result was a magnificent release full of dense obscure dronespace atmopheres covered with a kind of eerie spectral sounds from the first track "A whisper of flight" to the last one "Fear Of The Red Admirals". 4 compositions floating in an immerse ocean of drone ambient passages,with an in deep sound and well elaborated structure when the vibrational drone soudscapes collapses themselves to create such ghastly frequencies,just hear ""I Remember You Most".Without a doubt a very interesting release for fans of Lustmord or even Troum. "...As Time Moved To Nothing" is another sensitive pice which you shall explore here. This album has a red butterfly and yellow insectile abstract mutations image!”

“Syrinx who comes up with his epic Dark Ambient / Drone piece "In The Shadows" here, a single piece track that is as long - or even longer - than some albums itself, running for 56+ a bit minutes and serving a warm, embracing and most of all cinematic Deep Listening experience slowly evolving into an unresting crescendo of screaming metallic sounds that can be filed under the flag of Uneasy Listening for those who really know. Close your eyes while listening to "In The Shadows" and it won't take long until pictures of foggy hills, twilight meadows, alien swamps or abandoned industrial ruins appear in front of your inner eye. Good one.”

“Finally Syrinx comes up with "The Calm Before The Storm", the most Dark Ambient / Deep Listening piece on this split which reminds of the musical work of artists like Kallabris, Lunatik Sound System or Tarkatak. Recommended.”

“The first two Syrinx recordings released on Dark Meadows were competent enough dark ambient excursions. Nothing we haven't heard before but competently done and very listenable. This month though has seen two new contributions from them, on the label sampler (see elsewhere this issue or search the archives) and their half of this here split seedee. Boy have they raised their game. Their comp tracks are good (one especially so) but the track here is phenomenal, full of light and life filtered through a deliciously warped vision of how music ought to sound. Playing With Nuns (it's good that someone does or they'd get lonely) are also on top of his / her / their / its game with a corking sheet metal drone and scrape composition that'll raise the hairs on your arms both for it's teeth-grinding sonorities and it's sheer quality of execution. An excellent seedee. More like this would make the label a force to be reckoned with.”

“Disc two on the other hand is an absolute corker from beginning to end. Opener, 'Give Up!', is a fabulous cocktail of repeated motifs, deep, pulsating throbs and expansive crescendos. It's the type of track I could listen to all day and have been trying to do so. The second track, 'There You Are', isn't half bad either. It follows more in the footsteps of disc one but with a much more realistic runtime, more dynamic character and a nicely improvised feel along the lines of Skullflower or indeed a drumless Faust. 'Outside the Life...' is a bold and assertive early outing from this new conglomeration. It is, I think, slightly flawed but no more than slightly and then only through being just a tad self-indulgent. But, you know what? Fuck it! Everyone's allowed to be self-indulgent now and again and disc two more than makes up for my quibbles over the run-time of disc one. Give this a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.”

“Very low key set from Northampton's finest droners Syrinx as the team up with slowcore legend Bailiff. I'll admit my exposure to Bailiff's work is extremely limited (I've only heard her 'Even in Silence' album) and there's little here that sounds anything like that album. To my mind her presence is most felt on the albums second and, for these ears, standout track the distinctly airy and psychedelic wafts of 'I Remember You Most'. The rest of this 4 track album is more typically, although perhaps less intense, Syrinx, exhaling monolithic clouds of post-industrial dystrophic miasma.”