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"The tour kind of avails itself as a new adventure every day. We go from not knowing anyone in the city and not knowing where we're going to stay to staying in a beach house," said Baker. "Now that we've toured up and down the coast a few times we're building up a network of friends."

“Ashland's SYNRGY releases its third full-length studio album, kicks off its national tour and celebrates Bob Marley's 66th birthday, all on Monday, Feb. 6, at Alex's.”

"It’s darned near impossible to listen to this band and not have a smile on your face. With heart and soul, rhythm and love, SYNRGY played one of the best performances at the 2011 BurntWoodsStock Music Festival. Their show is an experience we will never forget. They absolutely tore it up! Incredibly tight, their high energy, hard rockin’, positive, motivational music had us dancing until 2 a.m. Joyful reggae with a fresh vibe. It just doesn’t get much better. This is how music should sound. SYNRGY not only captures the essence of Reggae, they capture hearts. We are joining their army of rabid fans." James and Julz Kasner Founders and Hosts of BurntWoodsStock Music Festival www.burntwoodsstock.com

Julz Kasner (BurntWoodStock Music Festival Founder and Host) - SYNRGY PRESS

“There were more than fireworks blowing up in Tempe tonight as SYNRGY rocked the Valley's Independence Day along with our own homemade explosive device”

AZ Rasta - AZ Rasta

“The members of local band Synrgy spread good vibes through Humboldt and beyond. Brian Zach, TJ Eilers, Clay Baker, Thomas Mackay and Aaron Reed know how to capture the reggae spirit. With two albums out and another one on the way, Synrgy is climbing the music industry's ladder.”

““Just positivity and righteousness and trying to remind people of the love that is everywhere. “Don't be depressed or influenced so heavily by Babylon and all that craziness that is out there trying to drag us down. We are trying to be conscious with each other and spread the love.” (Brian Zach) Bass player TJ Eilers and guitarist Clay Baker, both graduates of Cibola High School, are coming home with their band to play the show as part of the Lost and Found Tour. The tour includes at least 20 different cities and will conclude on May 1.”