Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators/Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band / Press

“Glenn is a great bandleader. His bands are always tight and keep the dancers inspired. From a producer’s standpoint, he is always easy to work with.”

Hallie Kuperman - Century Ballroom

““Chasin’ the Blues, is a pleasant trip into a happy yesteryear!””

Harvey Barkan - The American Rag

“In this age of momentary acknowledgement and empty coolness it is refreshing to find Crytzer’s Blue Rhythm Band performing outside the twittered masses. Particularly of note are Crytzer’s originals: “Dickey’s Blues,” “ Rachin’ in Rhythm,” and the title track “Chasin the Blues” which blend his love of the big band era and his ear for creating a tapestry that was meant for listening and dancing and lasting. Bravo to the performers. Bravo to the task. ”

Ken Wiley - The Art of Jazz