Syn City Cowboys / Press

“When the Syn City Cowboys took the stage, the crowd was mixed on who are these kids from Kansas City, and the women drooling over the fit bodies and refreshing look the band presents. Once they started, the focus was on good ol’ rock and roll. SCC has been around for a little over three years and continue their relentless tour schedule to bring their music to the fans. Frontman Ethan Cole says his favorite lead signer is Metallica’s James Hatfield, but while Cole may rock out like Mr. Hatfield, you will find his vocals to be a little more youthful, clean and more reminiscent of strong 80′s frontmen like Sammy Hagar or David Coverdale. If these young men stay together, keep writing pure rock tunes and stay on the road perfecting and promoting their craft – they will become a household name. In rock ‘n roll households at least.”

“Syn City Cowboys, as their moniker implies, craft cocky, raucous hard rock with loads of dude-rock might and fist-pumping action. The Overland Park, Kan., boys first got the attention of industry heavyweights with their debut album, 2010’s ‘Blow Me Away,’ packing catchy, in-your-face nuggets that sound even dirtier and cooler live.”

“With what they performed and how they performed Saturday night in Merriam, coupled with the CD they have available for fans to grab, they can go up against anyone in this local scene, especially the heavy hitters and they would hold their own just fine, and dominate most with just the pure talent they present, not to mention the way they draw the fans into the show.”