Symmetry / Press

“Yours is the music of the future.”

All Types Of Kinds - ATOK

"Sophisticated electronica. Crystalline. Epic."

"I love the futuristic sound in all of these. A new era of music is dawning and you have the upper hand."

Xilee - Unsigned

"I celebrated my 26th anniversary at WVKR-FM with JEM of Symmetry in the studio. He's a great guy and a very talented musician."

"LOVING Internet Highway Chase. Your stuff is great."

Stiff Spirit - Unsigned

"Very cool, diverse stuff !! Great instrumentation and compositions !!!"

Jerzy Wlodarczyk - Unsigned

"Your stuff is super awesome. Great work! Fantastic style."

Ling-Ling Alfari - ReyalMusic

"Superb amalgamations layed over beds of inviting solar systems waiting to be explored. Symmetry is a group not to be taken lightly as they tred vast landscapes and create an array of feeling and emotion through the use of music!"

Dustwave - Unsigned

"Very Classic. Great stuff."

Fused - fusedmusic.com

"Excellent synth riffs. Very good music here. Loving your sounds and production skills."

DJ George Francis - djgeorgefrancis

"Funky, quirky, eclectic, contextually complex. Love your work."

Ricky Ransom - RKYRNSM(TM)

"The atmospheric sounds of JEM and Symmetry washed over the crowd at last year's festival."