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“Second up for the night was San Diego locals, Symbolic. After seeing them once before open for Saxon at Brick by Brick, I was definitely looking forward to seeing them perform again. Symbolic fell right into their groove and gave a stellar performance. With a musical style similar to 70s or 80s metal, Symbolic was a great fit to the bill. For those who have not seen them before, this is a band in the San Diego scene worth checking out. They will be playing May 6th at Brick By Brick with Resurrection Kings, so make sure to get yourself a ticket.”

"Symbolic are a prog metal band in San Diego, and in the fine tradition set by that town’s Cage, have demonstrated sterling silver craftsmanship in the forging of locked-down metal with both brains and occasionally djenting brawn. Tom Wallace(drums) and Bobby Fernandez(bass) do the near impossible, finding grinding groove within structures that are complicated like Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. Versatile guitarist Steve Potts provides the down-tuned, rhythmic drive. Vocalist Scott Bruce is...well, there’s a seriousness in his voice, to go with the conceptual lyrics and the band’s very metal focus on the doomy. There's a magic to the end effect that evokes memories of the 2nd and 3rd Fates Warning albums. Heavy and riffy as hell, prog metal is putting too much grace on it I suspect, the overall mass of this thing approximating Evergrey and Nevermore, but still with something of a traditional prog metal sensitivity in the thespian vocals, the parts o’fancy, as well as the produc

Martin Popoff - Facebook

“The San Diego area Progressive Metal powerhouse, known as Symbolic, recently released their fourth album. It’s the second release that was done as a concept, and ‘Xenatopia’ will certainly take you on one hell of a journey. Led by the distinctive vocals of Scott Bruce and backed by Stevie Ray Potts (guitars, keys), Robert Fernandez (bass), and Tom Wallace (drums, percussion) this four piece delivers a sonic experience that belies the fact that they are an independent band. The talent by each musician and the production of the CD once again has me wondering why this band isn’t on a major label yet. “Xenatopia is a tale of interplanetary abduction, assimilation, forced servitude and one character's attempts to break free of those bonds” according to Symbolic’s facebook page. Drawing parallels to the way that many people feel right now allows the listener to either relate or escape. It’s all a matter of perspective. As a whole this is one of the tightest releases out ther”

"Standing at the vanguard of a resurgence in heavier modern music, Symbolic manage to seamlessly combine the best about progressive metal - think Queensryche in their glory days, early Dream Theatre - with a hard edge and an up-to-date production that keeps their sound relevant. With strong compositions, top-notch players, and well-considered arrangements, it's hard to find any weak links in their chain. Xenotopia is clearly the sound of a band coming into their own, at the top of their game."

Eric Barnett Guitarist for "Points North" - Facebook

“Every once in a while you'll run across a new band, it doesn't matter how, and you want to tell people about them. Symbolic is one of those bands. Out of San Diego, CA, Symbolic has been playing together since 2005, although Steve Ray Potts (Guitars/Keyboards) and Bobby Fernandez (Bass), have been playing together for more than 20 years. Scott Bruce (Vocals) and Tom Wallace (Drums) round out the band, and this is their second self released CD. The first, Continuum, has added to their fan base, which is gaining momentum and growing. Nevertime is my first full on exposure to Symbolic, and I really like what I hear.”