Sylvi Alli / Press

“The songs on "Vessel" seem to borrow equally from world music, new age and cinema scores. There aren't really any lyrics here, just vocal intonation and invocations. I'm at times, *simultaneously*, reminded of Enya and Diamanda Galas, which can be both a jarring and beautiful experience. While this collection is beautiful it's also dark. Not as grim and disturbing as the work of Galas but neither does Alli give us those uplifting, soaring pop moments of Enya. "Vessel" is somewhere in the middle, somewhere fluttering and strange and, to be honesty, strangely inviting.”

“Sylvi Alli uses her deep, resonant voice as a vessel in her new appropriately titled release.... 'Vessel' is a must have for lovers of dark, ethereal music. Every track bewitches. ”

"...Sylvi has a haunting, heavenly voice that quickly finds the resonant frequency of your heart and shakes it to pieces..."

Sam Hurwitt - East Bay Express