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“The timbre of flatware against porcelain has slowed to a random beat; the whoosh of wine against glass continues with coffee against the cup. The dynamics of table talk have dropped to sotto voce, played out as a little dinner music. Until the lights drop and a woman rises among the diners, casting them something akin to a "look of love," she begins to sing... ”

“The Great American Songbook is full of love songs that have stood the test of time through countless interpretations by the greatest singers in the world. In searching for new ways to recast such standards—without serving up the same old tunes in the same worn out fashion—Sylvia Bennett takes her turn at voicing many of these familiar songs and, with Smile, breathing new life into a dozen oft-recorded standards. To distinguish the album from other similar recordings, Bennett and longtime producer/guitarist Hal S. Batt, forgo the...”

“It is amazing how versatile the Great American Songbook has become - and, of course, how much of an important resource for jazz vocalists and musicians it has become. That is the case with vocalist Sylvia Bennett - she has selected fourteen popular songs, many famous from usage in movies and musicals, and given them a Latin feel to update them.”

"Smile," "Make Someone Happy," "The Very Thought of You" and "I'll Be Seeing You" are also on Sylvia Bennett's CD, but the approaches are rather different. Sylvia tends to be oh-so-mellow, unruffled, low-key and calm, gliding across the melodies, phrasing evenly. The emphasis on rhythms, like the bossa nova, essayed this time out is a good idea. Acting a song or delving deeply is not her modus operandi. So, the focus and raison d'être is not the words or drama. She—and maybe we—can be content with the broad strokes of setting an overall mood and then enjoying the breeze of Brazil or seductively subtle swing and sway, with a bravo to Richard Bravo, percussionist. Her producer of a quarter of a century, Hal S. Batt, is in charge once again, contributing many tasty guitar accents...

“It’s Christmastime with Sylvia Bennett offers a fresh new look at classic holiday nuggets such as; “Silver Bells,” … However, the wonderful spice in this holiday brew is the original Christmas songs destined to be the next Christmas classics.”

“I must admit that there is a smooth, silky vocal at work on “It’s Christmas Time with Sylvia Bennett.” Blending classics with originals, Bennett offers a beautiful voice to the performances of songs. …this might just be what you were looking for in the adult contemporary holiday line.”

“Traditional with a twist, Sylvia Bennett’s “It’s Christmas Time” is a holiday offering with a lot of appeal. …This is a great mix of both classic tunes – and a couple that may well become classics. Highly recommended.”

“The holidays are just a heartbeat away at this point… for some a source of frustration but for most a delightful thought! Here’s something for all of the above… IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME WITH SYLVIA BENNETT… Sylvia shines on the classic Christmas carols, favorites for sure”

“The best comment that one could make regarding Sylvia Bennett's Songs From The Heart is that the singer's presentation of a dozen pretty well-worn tunes from The Great American Songbook is pretty good. Her bright and well-enunciated versions of such time-respected fare as...”

“Standards are still the bread and butter of jazz. Whether from Tin Pan Alley's American songbook or specifically composed as jazz and assimilated into the jazz repertoire...”

“Not many singers can claim a career that not only includes singing with Lionel Hampton but also recording with the three tenors, Sylvia Bennett has done just that — but there's a catch.”

“Have you ever listened to a song and relived a moment? When you listen to a good vocalist singing standards, it helps us to not only recall, but relive those special moments. Jazz vocalist, Sylvia Bennett’s”

“A special recording from one very special lady, “Songs From The Heart” is not just another jazz vocals album, it is a ground-breaking project boasting a cast of Grammy-nominated artists including a star-studded tenor threesome...”

“Jazz vocalist Sylvia Bennett............A totally interesting chanteuse with a propensity to use less vibrato in her vocal style............ Quite impressively I might add............Thus adding to the mystique of her fine instrument.”

“Meet Sylvia Bennett : People have tried to compare Sylvia Bennett's voice to other great singers of the past and present. But perhaps...”

“Who do you consider to be the role model who has been the most inspirational to you as a vocalist? Lionel Hampton taught me to sing from my heart. He told me not to be afraid to bare...”

“Technically, this is a Lionel Hampton recording, his last before his death in 2002. But it is the presence of Sylvia Bennett that lands it in this bundle.”

“Big band instruments are the order of the day on Lionel Hampton featuring Sylvia Bennett’s “There Will Never Be Another You.” “Just One Of Those Things” has an old-time panache. The title track introduces Sylvia Bennett’s praiseworthy voice and xylophone work.”

“To state the case as clearly as possible, the album is a sheer delight. Hamp plays marvelously in front of a large ensemble comprised of south Florida’s finest sidemen, and Bennett weighs in with charming vocals on seven tracks...”

“This album has a companion DVD featuring Hamp and the big band with Bennett vocalizing magnificently. This recording is a gem as well as having monumental historical signifigance. Recorded in 1989 and released in 2006, the music is as current as current can be.”

“Out Of Sight Music presents ' There Will Never Be Another You', an historical, never-released CD/DVD set by Lionel Hampton featuring Sylvia Bennett. Lionel Hampton was one of the great masters of American music, a true national treasure, reinventing ...”