“Sykosis, has a way of bringin the heat to a show that makes you wish you had prayed, to whatever God that you pray to, right before the show due the brutal intensity during their set!!! very few bands can effectivly deliver that "oh shit!!" feeling anymore. Sykosis have ferverantly designed a perfect recipe to marry the intensity of brutality while provoking thought. These guys work hard not to make a dollar but to deliver what they feel in the most prevalent way possible!! so my answer to who puts on the best live performance would have to be..........................Creed! bwahahaha just kiddin!!! Sykosis hands down!”

David Childress - DynCorp Int.

“Sykosis attacks the stage in a theatrical chaotic explosion of melodic intensity while scaring your inner being. From the first chord to an explosive breakdown Sykosis takes you on a journey unlike anything you have heard paving the way to hell while making metal history!”

Matt Pettit - P-Edit

“It's one band that never disappoints you. All together a bunch of bad ass guy on stage. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.”

Anthony C. -Avid Fan