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“Sykodelik's album "The Second Noel" is a Hip Hop classic! It's super lyrical! You can tell that he mastered his craft.”

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“I rip emcees!!!”

Sykodelik - I rip emcees

“A lover of old-school hip-hop will most definitely appreciate the catchy beat in this lyrically mind-blowing song. Starting this song up feels like you're throwing an old hip-hop vinyl onto your turntable and as the song progresses you quickly discover that this guy has a way with words and a creativity that is rare amongst modern lyricists.”

“Allow me to introduce you to Sykodelik, as he explains who he is and what he does…”

“I actually found this guy thanks to the power of twitter. He’s an underground rapper much in the style of Tech n9ne and Nas. Coming out of Barstow, this man’s rhymes hit hard and fast. His raps do not stop till the music stops. ”