Sydney Rhame / Press

“Sydney Rhame featured as a young songwriter in NPR's "Atlanta Sounds" series on WABE 90.1 in Atlanta.”

“She’s already an artist. She’s already writing her own music, her own lyrics, playing guitar, expressing her own heart and not just parroting what she’s heard on the radio like a lot of people walking in here. That’s an artist, not an American Idol contestant. And I want to spend my time honing those people who are real artists. ”

“She has a rich, full voice for one so young…at this point, Sydney will be an artist to contend with… ”

“Whiz Kid: Meet Sydney Rhame”

“Eleven year-old Sydney Rhame of Decatur, GA is delighting audiences across the metropolitan Atlanta area with her original songs and her unique musical style.”

“Decatur middle schooler makes waves in music scene”

“Sydney's Ready to Rock the World”

“Amazing Kids Video Contest Winner”

“Sydney Rhame Wins “Amazing Kid” Contest”