Sybaritic / Press

"If you like latter-day Death then you should find Sybaritic, an Atlanta-based quartet, to your liking.…‘Being Human’, bears Chuck Schuldiner’s more melodic death metal influences, and while this is apparent it in no way detracts from what Sybaritic has accomplished on their engaging ten-track debut. Mike Conway.. and David Stich.. provide a competent, solid foundation allowing Adam Gleason and Dado Zemanic’s deathly thrashing dual-guitar interplay to run riot. Sybaritic displays ample dexterity shifting with disciplined, practiced ease whether at pulse-quickening gallop, plying slower tempos or churning through mid-paced riffing. But all of this pales to the heady, intense soloing. ‘I Am Hate’ is all assault attack whereas ‘Fields Of The Dead’ segues from sombre outset to dizzying complexity as bright mercurial notes pour forth in rapid, unceasing abundance…Although a relatively young band, Sybaritic sound well beyond their years. Labels take note."

John Mincemoyer - Terrorizer