Sworn Amongst / Press

"This is not light and breezy. It really has teeth. Heavy right from the opening with a precise technical approach and soaring melodies. You feel engaged right from the start with hooks and melodies that make it all very memorable. This is a really mature sounding album. Well formed, and solid."

Room 13 12/13

““One of the most epic sounding bands for quite some time. Technical guitars, frantic drumming and commanding vocals. Combining everything the band has learnt from their heroes, clearly Sworn Amongst have a lot to offer. The band are touring extensively this year, so you really should catch them when they come to your town and unleash the power of their riffs!””

Hard Rock House: 9/10

“As far as debuts go this scorches like the midday sun during a supernova. It is just fucking marvellous! Exellent melodies that shred away with an utter savagery that was once thought dead by the early 90s. Sworn Amongst have concocted an album with so many razor sharp riffs that it almost feels like your head will explode trying to pay attention to each one. This is a thing of beauty, fury and speed. Very possibly a highlight of the Year”

Powerplay magazine: 9/10

“Severance is laden with pounding riffs that ooze groove, smoking solos and more ideas per song than most bands manage in whole albums. Delivering on their early promise in spectacular fashion, and on this evidence Sworn Amongst are capable of being absolutely fucking huge”


“Impressive production, expertly played music ready made for the pit containing a forceful intensity set to cause carnage in its wake. A driven full force release with an ability to reach the upper echelons of the Metal roster 4/5”


““Coming straight out of Hull with an army of destructive riffs and a ton of scowling brutality, Sworn Amongst are the new heroes of British thrash.””

Dom Lawson - METAL HAMMER: