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"The world should never be short of great dirty rock 'n' roll bands that give you an excuse to down whiskey, slug beer, grow beards, raise your fists and, if you can, sing your mane in the name of rock. It's for those reasons that bands like Switchblade Jesus exist. While they are not reinventing the musical wheel, these Texans have concocted their own riff-hungry tunes that more than satisfy and rock needs the listener has: their debut self-titled album is a badass rock that fans of Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Down, Viking Skull and Black Label Society are going to dig. Heavy on the fuzzed-up boogie riffs (check out 'Bastard Son' and 'The Wolves'), 'Sick Mouth' is thunderous and closer 'Oblivion' is a stomping beast that reaches an earsplitting climax. One minor downside is the production, which could be a little beefier, but with studio experience this will be easy to overcome. If these guys come by and play at your local bar anytime soon, be sure not to miss them." - Terrorizer [7.

Terrorizer Magazine

"This album will grab you by the throat and it won't let go until Switchblade Jesus either convert you to their way of thinking or you will be left emotionally battered and bruised through the power of their riffs...The blues rock vibe does play a big part in the bands music here. But so does the NOLA based riffs lurking in the background. It's a perfect marriage made in Sludge/Stoner Metal Heaven obviously with Switchblade's lining up as Devil Horns in the air...Excellent and Highly Recommended." - Sludgelord

"Trust me when I say, it only takes about a 28 seconds to fall in love with Switchblade Jesus, I know. I actually counted. Whats more, I could easily give you a plethora of reasons why: They're like Down, but more fun. They have a pure rock fury to rival that of Clutch, and they're truly music to drink (copious amounts of) beer too... To give you just a few...It completely epitomises that bad ass southern rock style and swagger and instantly conjures up mental images of dusty dives bars, truckers and lot lizards. For me at least. That and a good old fashioned alcohol induced punch ups... Now, I've not been in a awful lot of bar fights. A few, but not a lot. Well, not a ridiculous amount. Ok, it's in double figures, but dont judge me! Anyway, for some reason I can remember pretty much every song playing in the back ground each time. Trivial, maybe, but thats always something thats sort of stuck in the back of my mind.

" There are a limited number of rock albums worth our fleeting time and limited resources and you can bet Switchblade Jesus have delivered something well worthy of both....Deep and heavy riffs are overlaid by deft, delirious solos that pierce through the fuzz and distortion coursing through the airwaves. The tempo throughout the album is steady and compelling, always expounding an appetizing blues rock vibe while filling the air with thick filaments of low tuned, deep stoner fuzz.." -Heavy Planet

"There's no other way to describe it. "Bastard Son" is the best stoner/doom/retro -- whatever-- cut I've heard all year. No other song I've heard has that swagger, that build of dynamic, that damn sexy groove and that assaulting violence. Already firmly planted on my Best of List for the year" "Switchblade Jesus are one of the best new bands I've stumbled on in ages. Mixing southwestern boogie, desert-worn blues, retro-metal assault and fierce rocking into a sound that screams Texas. This band is the blood and soul of it's environment and should not be missed. Recommended for any fan of the heavy who digs a groove in their blitz." - The Ripple Effect

“... sharp-as-a-razor, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet playing, fat stoner tones, noticeable Gibson Thunderbird bass use (I love that model and its sound) and frankly infectious, hard/harsh stoner rock blend I just had to give ‘em a go. Their tones are fat, thick and filthy .... the entire thing is backed with thunderous drums and clear-as-day rock vocals, I mean, this guy can sing a mean song. At just eleven minutes, it packs a harder, faster and more relentless stoner rock punch than most I’ve encountered so far .... frenetic riffing at breakneck speeds, fat bass, thunderous drums and screaming rock vocals, Joy Ride is the epitome of what makes stoner rock the beautiful beast it is. Oh, and halfway through the track, a blazing solo sets the whole thing on fire .... all I can say is, what Switchblade Jesus has to offer is some cutting-edge, blood-boiling, head-nodding, riff-rocking beast of a stoner rock strain, distilled from pure-bred trailblazing attitude and adrenaline junkie”

“If you followed along with our March Bandness brackets we had with Heavy Planet back in March, you’d know that Switchblade Jesus took a close 2nd. I had never heard of them until the tournament. I know, shame on me. The guys are hard at work on a full length and have just recently released a three track EP. I call it a preview EP as the songs on it are going to make it to the full length when it’s ready. The songs on the EP are heavy and hard rock with some metal moments. They’re fast paced and in your face, well in your face if it’s still there after the melting that Switchblade Jesus is capable of doing.”

“Grooving Doom style Stoner Metal from Corpus Christi by way of SWITCHBLADE JESUS. Now, first I didnt know Corpus had Stoner Metal as good as this. Music isn't too harsh or overly done on the Doom part but they may be to high on the Stoner side of things. Very groovy and heavy where it counts.”

“Out of Corpus Christi, Switchblade Jesus fire up a value-packed combo (i.e., a 3-song ep) of melodic raspy vocals (think Dave Wyndorf), short, well written songs and obvious enthusiasm for the material. “Joyride” features a nice riff, well constructed songs... nearly catchy! Love it when pop hooks and stoner riffs come together. “Negative Planet 11”: very cool riff in D, a bit Hendrix and a bit Badlands; and “Copperhead,” which sounds vaguely like Seduce (almost certainly coincidental); very heavy but still a recognizably rock (late-80s) type tune. The weakest tune here, but probably only because of its relatively longer running time of 5 minutes (versus three for the other songs). Probably great for a 70mph road trip. --Horn ”

“With grooves as big as the HD screen at Cowboys Stadium, Switchblade Jesus from Corpus Christi, TX will place a boot firmly up your ass with their brand of Texas-style Stoner Metal. Ok, enough of the cliches, just go listen to the badass tunes they have up on Reverb Nation. ”

“Goddam son, you guys are fucking killer, kinda have a Clutch/Thousand Knives of Fire/C.O.C./High on Fire thing going on there. Seriously, Clutch IS and always will be my favorite band hands down but you guys are GREAT if you have a demo let me know and i'll send the money out today for one! ”

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