“Their records are thoughtful and compelling and their vocal harmonies are tight and true and blended. I'm very proud to be a part of their music and call them my friends.....as they say in Texas, 'They would be good to run the river with.'”

Lloyd Maines - Grammy Award winning producer

“McCormack and FitzGerald are joyful, ebullient and unpredictable performers.”

Rick Kogan - Chicago Tribune writer and host of WGN "The Sunday Papers”

“This is a tale of traveling through the back roads of small, hardly-noticed places. It’s a fun ride. Put some belongings in a bag or knapsack, hop onboard, and enjoy the journey.”

Paul Schneider - freelance newspaper writer and editor

“Kanoka surely will be characterized and marketed as Americana, but this album transcends that commercial branding formula. Kanoka is more than Americana—it is the sound of America itself.”

Ron Pen - Director, John Jacob Niles Center for American Music University of Kentucky

"Timeless tales of love and heartache woven through every song with the sharp needle of current culture. It is pure Switchback and you are going to love this latest turn they take."

Mary Palmer, Former Director of Regional Programming for HPPR

“The words “American roots & Celtic soul” only begin to describe this unusual act, whose vocal prowess is as pure as it is unique...there is no denying the stunning vocal blends that are achieved by this duo.”

Music Connection Magazine

“They are absolutely amazing. If you have an ounce of Celtic blood in you, you’ll be very pleased with their performance. If you don’t have any Celtic blood, then you’ll wish you did.”

Rennie Kirkpatrick - Montgomery County Performing Arts Society, Texas

“Their voices blended in heart-tugging harmony, and they made more music with two guitars, a sometimes mandolin, and those voices than some six piece bands produce. ”

Peggie Miller - Conroe Courier, Houston Community Newspapers

“The music is energetic, emotionally charged and excitingly eclectic. Switchback combines acoustic and electric sounds with elements of bluegrass, country, rock, Celtic and pop.”

Donna Eckberg - Folkfire Magazine

“I was told Switchback fuses Irish, American, Cajun and Blues musical styles. I wasn't convinced, so I went to check them out. I walked in the door a doubting Thomas and became an immediate fan”

Jeff Kust - Midnight Special - nationally syndicated radio show

“Marty and Brian established a connection with the audience better than anyone else we've had play here. They have such a personable delivery that makes the crowd feel like they are playing to them individually.”

Joseph "Woody" Woodruff - Campanile Center for the Arts, Minocqua, WI

“Every time I listen to Marty and Brian I know how lucky I am to be a music lover.”

Rick Minerd - Life is a Jukebox