Swim Thru Frequencies / Press

“When I listen to mainstream radio, which is very rare these days, it amazes me how many times the same few terrible songs are repeatedly played when there are tons of other great music out there that might never be heard. But I know there will always be a lot of different forces behind the scenes that will prevent this from ever changing. Enter SWIM THRU FREQUENCIES: a fantastic sounding band from Ft. Collins, Colorado I strongly believe deserves more airplay and a lot more attention. And in my opinion, it should start with their track “Other Languages” which is an absolutely incredible indie folk rock gem.“Other Languages” is simply a beautiful song to listen to with so many gorgeous elements to keep me reeled in. From the driving and soothing guitar strums and nicely accented drum taps to the powerfully brilliant male/female lead vocal combo, my attention never wavers.“Other Languages” is a standout track and my favorite from a full length album by SWIM THRU FREQUENCI”

“Swim Thru Frequencies is a Colorado based band that squeezes into the space between folk, acoustic, pop and rock and do it very successfully. Their first full length album, "Rhythm Of Complacency" is a wonderful collection of great sounds with soothing vocals and great harmonies. The album is available on Bandcamp.”