Swig / Press

“Swig Brings Blues Back to Rock ----- "Swig plays the blues, but with more of an indie-rock sensibility," says Brian Peterson, guitarist/vocalist for the Indianapolis trio Swig. The band (rounded by bassist/vocalist Leigh Marino and drummer Jamie Jackson) are indeed steeped in rock and roll's roots..... Opener "All Night Long" is a lumbering, danceable number that has that patented grit and groove..... The track "Watch Out," with sing-speak narration by Marino, sounds as much like a spy thriller as it does bar-dwelling banshee..... "I Still Believe" starts as a punchy, persistent acoustic number that flips on the electricity and turns into an introspective road rambler..... "I'll Be Gone" isn't even blues but straight-up cabaret with brushed drums...... Happy to see blues-rock making a popular comeback, Peterson adds, "It's exciting to see Blues coming back, and Swig fits right in!"”

“Swig’s new EP, Like You Mean It... is a testament to their skills as experienced rock musicians and songwriters, and it’s a strong debut. Indiana has a rich diversity of bands and styles, but Swig offer a unique and electrifying variation on blues rock that has been largely absent in the local indie scene.”

“Swig's recently released first EP – Like You Mean It – was recently chosen by Musical Family Tree to be included as one of the "Top Indiana Albums of 2012."”

“At 7 p.m., the-instore.com showcase kicked off at Peppers with Swig, the sexy stoner-rock band that Indianapolis has been missing. Falling somewhere between dark, heavy rock and burlesque-style jazz, Swig offers easy listening jams that move... Swig labels their sound as "retro indie blues," but their deep grooves and sultry, impassioned vocals create a sound that far exceed such a generic labeling.”