Scavenger Ent-SWIFT TONGUES / Press

“I see Swift Tongues as a strong up and comer, or Diamond in the Rough in the music business. If the masses tap into Swift Tongues positive yet powerful messages he could be huge. As time goes by we will no doubt see what happens, but in the mean time let me go on record and say it's nice to know in this saturated market, there's one rapper out there who knows how to remain true to himself, who he is, and where he comes from. In close most famous artists out there have "it" I'm not so sure what it but Swift Tongues definitely has whatever "it" may be. .”

“A fresh new CD recently slid across my desk from Seattle's own Swift Tongues entitled My Finest Hour (2011 - Scavenger Entertainment). The CD kicks things off with “Feel It in the Air” This first piece slitters across the ears nicely and sets the stage rather well for this production. It's a smooth prelude of sorts with homey coated vocal intro feat. Dawn Jones with smooth hip hop groove, milky rap flow and infections persona from Swift Tongues himself. This track is a rock solid intro statement, catchy, hooky and infectious making for a solid first impression.”

“The thing I like the most about the rap performances themselves is they never once try to hard, or come across as being over the top. Swift Tongues also lives up to his name delivering rap at high speeds. From upbeat grooves “Seattle Lights” & “I Really Mean It” & The Cure” to flowing rap jams “How do we Shine”, Can you handle it” to passionate slow grooves “Prostitute” & this CD presents a packed to the hilt with a lot of musical diversity. There are some dark & apocalyptic rap grooves on the Mix Tape as well like “Haters Hate”, “Stop Tellin” Everything that Glitters” Some rap flows packed with sheer-raw rap intensity like “Gotta Hustle” “I Be Turning Heads”, “S-W-I-F-T” & My Chain”.. The CD ends with a bonus version of Track 8 “Stop Tellin.” At the end of the day this CD pretty much has something for just about everyone ”

“Swift Tongues childhood can be held in connection with his unorthodox delivery, which moves from pain to triumph as he vividly depicts his real life trials and tribulations using tracks as his canvas”

“Following the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, Swift Tongues identified a void within the hip-hop community. He began working diligently to perfect several rap styles, which led to the emergence of Swift Tongues”

“Swift Tongues delivers rap flow reminiscent of Biggie Smalls, Scarface, Tupac, Ice Cube, & even a splash of Jay Z. This mixing is compelling & full of musical variety with exotic keyboard & synthesizer accents, with homey coated female vocal layering along the way. The beats are rock solid providing solid low end groove support, & effective hi end touches. The CD has many musical flavors, from hip hop, rap, jazz, blues, R&B, & even rock”

“Your Time to Shine: Swift Tongues”