“Keep up the great work ! I will be sure to spread the word about your music : )”

David Sanders, Universal Music Group - Reverbnation

“From the time the beat drops, it puts me in the mindframe of the early 90's G-Funk era. It makes you reminisce and miss Nate Dogg at the same time. FaShoShot does his thing on here talking about that loud , ashy lips cant hit his weed fa the free. His sound is great it reminds me of my favorite time in music when Snoop Doog and the DPG ran the music scene. FaShoShot, does his thang with Shwag Fo Ya though, his lyrics are crisp and brings a new flavor to the throwback sounding back drop. I enjoyed the song and wouldnt mind hearing more music from him. If you like blowing trees and like that old Dr. Dre sound here is a song to get your juices flowing.”

Louisiana, USA - NumberoneMusic

“Your song "Keeper" is the shit.. Keep up the good work.. I am not really into rap; but do indeed know what I like and I like your track... I am thinking that you will go far.. Stay down because there is no direction from down except "Up".. You do indeed have the makings..”