Sweet Violence / Press

“Y'all fucking killed last night. I had a great time. I'm glad y'all played with Seize The Throne. My son is their drummer and he got to see a great band and how to put on a good show. It was his first time to see a band in a bar, then he had to follow y'all. I think it made him realize that he was playing with the big boys. I could tell he wasn't nervous until y'all got toward the end of your set. He looked at me and said," damn, they are good", then he started pacing the floor. That is just what his band needed, positive pressure. Sweet Violence and Desperate Hero showed alot of class by helping Seize The Throne with their first real gig. Please tell the guys thanks for me. And keep me posted on any up coming shows, I would love to see y'all again, when I'm not dad mode.”

John Dustin Watts - The Day After The Show Notes

“You guys rock. Keep up the good work. Metaaaaalllll!!!!”

Larry Rosati - Musician

“One of the best local bands I have heard in years. It's nice to still see a band doing it right. I mean I could understand what the singer was singing about and the music was tasteful yet technical, Heavy yet melodic. I would say A MUST SEE BAND.”

Metal Soldiers from hell Alliance