Sweet Vintage Rides / Press

“Great groove on "Freaky Girl"! Keep up the awesome work!”

Jeff Leonard - ReverbNation

“Freaky Girl - marvelous track!!!”

Jon Edwards - ReverbNation

"Time to Dance" love your voices & beautiful love song!

Ecologygle - ReverbNation

“Great song "Freaky Girl"! I'm in the mood for your music right now. It's really amazing <3”

Planet4Katy - ReverbNation

“Time to Dance is top notch, awesome arrangement and vocal phrasing.”

The Electric Era - ReverbNation

“Great indie rock tracks. Love the acoustic vibe. Great feel and very original sound. Like how you got some brass into ‘Time To Dance’.”

Wild &amp; Welsh - ReverbNation

“Love the guitar and feel of Freaky! Fantastic!”

CISCA - ReverbNation

“Time to Dance is Awesome, lovin' the vocals and music!!! Freaky Girl is one funky tune ;)”

venil - ReverbNation

“Love the catchy hooks!”

Michelle French - ReverbNation

"Freaky Girl" in the playlist tonight - AWESOME!!

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“Love Freaky Girl! MUAH”

Milyssa Rose - ReverbNation

“Time to Dance...sounding good...;-)) You're flyin' to somewhere new!!”

Andrew Austin - RevrbNation

“Love the vox on Time to Dance, very peaceful and enjoyable! Great work guys!”

MellaMusic - ReverbNation

"Freaky Girl" in the playlist tonight - AWESOME!!

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“Your vocals are spot on! Great songs, cool feel, and a fine singing and playing. Nice work!”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - ReverbNation

“Love "Time to Dance"! Great song and great vocals :) ”

Penny Kaylyn/K007 - ReverbNation

"Time to Dance" is wonderful, groovy as well. Keep it up Sweet Vintage Rides.

Cecile Brooks - ReverbNation

“Great song! I love the positive vibes♥”

Kirsten Lyon - ReverbNation

“Instantly started tapping my toes, very good song! Great harmonies too! Loved it! ”

Mikalene - ReverbNation

“Great track! Engaging melody and terrific vocals!”

Blue Plasma Orb - ReverbNation

“Great vocals and feel on "Time to Dance"!”

Jaron Davis - ReverbNation

“Great song! I love the arrangement! It that a wicked sax! Look forward to hearing more!”

Dragatis - ReverbNation

"Time To Dance" is excellent, the lyrics, vocals and that unique and classic vibe sounds amazing!

The Honest Mistake Band - ReverbNation

"Time to Dance"-- lyrics that ring true-- cool, fun vibe.

TIW Music - ReverbNation

“Beautiful voice and feeling!!!”

Fa Diese - ReverbNation

“Cool jam vibe with a lot of punch.”

“Ace song...wicked lyric and really dig the wide, harmony vocal sound you've got...very west coast and smooth. Diggin' those crisp, tight horns too!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Digging the intimacy of "Time To Dance" - fun tune :)”

Otto&#39;s Daughter - ReverbNation

"Time To Dance" is awesome, keep up the great work!

Miss Koko Loko - ReverbNation

“Beautiful song...looking forward to hearing more...great vocals.”

Agent 13 - ReverbNation

“Great lyric writing! Really nice song can't wait to hear more!”

♪♫▫▫ȽƪƵƵŶ ɃȽʘИƉƐ▫▫♫ - ReverbNation

“Lovin "Time To Dance" - wicked vocals, harmonies, instrumentation and production! Love the horns!!! Tight writing and wonderful performance!!!”