Sweet Ray Laurel / Press

“Sweet Ray Laurel, an epic Indie blend from Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes, I admit, I had to copy/paste Cincinnati because my entire life I’ve spelled it wrong. But I digress … SRL is hard for me to label, which is usually the sign of a really unique sound. I really love this band and a couple of their tracks are now on Signal 9”

“I’m a recent Sweet Ray Laurel convert. Their swirling mix of post-punk, reggae, and psychedelic music feels vaguely gypsy-mystic to me. I love that it’s a not-too-comfortable fit. The tunes are a constant lesson in discovery as I revel in yet another layer or sound or lyric I missed the last go-round.”

“post-punk/"explosion rock" quartet Sweet Ray Laurel is looking to play their music out as much as possible...”