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"Top 80 Albums of 2014... #49 SweetKiss Momma - 'A Reckoning Is Coming'"

"Good craft, good voice, good mood ... what more could you want." "9 out 0f 10"

"...the Yanks play with a lot of heart and soul down (to) their bluesy swamp boots..."

"From a base of southern rock influenced by the great classics of the 70's has come one of the best albums of the year, a marvel called 'A Reckoning Is Coming'..."

"SKM’s soulful, root rock sounds encourage audience foot stomping, toe tapping, hand waving and beat clapping."

"...what we have here is a robust and muscular exercise of southern rock..."

"Raw southern roots rock and subtle blues ballads, gospel and soul influences which superbly come together..."

" (SweetKiss Momma) amplify the feeling that Love and society can be observed and described only (through) the hardness of the grinding guitars."

"'A Reckoning Is Coming' is a whirring album, led by often heavy and dirty riffs, and subtle textures..."

"...crossover hard rock, rock 'n' roll, and southern rock, brushed with blues, funk and soul, brings the genetic code of the greats of the past..."

"('A Reckoning Is Coming' is) dramatic and powerful..."

"Old School American rock-n-roll. ...influenced by the 70's with soul in the vocals..."

“(A Reckoning Is Coming) tends to go where you least expect it to at times, with some unusual textures and off-the-wall guitar solos, while also staying refreshingly free of the "verse chorus verse chorus solo chorus outro" formula.”

"Tough southern rock can be found at 'A Reckoning Is Coming'..." "...(the songs are) fired up by something from within."

““They are a genuine band…” “…they write from their big ol’ hearts, without apologizing to anyone.””

"The bluesy rock sound does well in the ear of the listener." "For fans of Southern Rock, 'A Reckoning Is Coming' is likely to be a more than worthwhile purchase!"

"...flawless Southern Rock..."

"...'A Reckoning Is Here' with a lot of blues and great songs..."

"...Southern soul-drenched rock & roll." "Damn good, indeed!"

"SweetKiss Momma are as much like Drive-By Truckers as they are Gov't Mule."

"SWEETKISS MOMMA... combine 70s Southern Jam Rock with early 80s Hard Rock + some soulful ballads." "...similar to Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd."

"...a good example of traditional Southern-inspired rock." "...transports us to a dusty corner of American geography."

“Those guys are some badass Southern Rockers.”

"Breathe Rebel (is) a true Southern Rock anthem..."

"...if you like Southern roots rock and look for music without clichés, then you should undoubtedly choose "A Reckoning Is Coming" from SweetKiss Momma!"

"...the ‘sweet’ in their name is for the tastiness of their soulful and southern, but classic, rock jams. Hailing from Puyallup, they bring a whole lotta woodsy farmland love..."

"Mandatory material for the Southern base..." "...faithful to the style, from the floppy hat to the spurs."

"...A Reckoning Is Coming, (is) an album that refuses to go away."

"... (SweetKiss Momma) amplify the feeling that Love and society can be observed and described only with the hardness of grinding guitars."

"...you just keep wanting more, but if this happens to you, it is best that you light your joints first and continue to enjoy."

"Southern Rock, Roots, Blues, Boogie and Country are represented at "A Reckoning Is Coming", and anyone who feels drawn a little to these genres will love the album." "Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Kings Of Leon..."

“They quite happily mix up roots rock with some Skynyyrd muscle on tunes like ‘Breathe Rebel’ and the title track, and even when they teeter on the edge of modern Americana, songs like ‘Same Old Stories’ retain some grit.”

"...late sixties and early seventies Classic Rock influence, with hints of Creedence Clearwater Revival swamp and elements of Soul and Gospel, while sounding remarkably current in a kind of Kings Of Leon way - only much better."

"In these guys live the genuineness as well as the dynamism of a kind electric as we want, but brought with meticulous attention to sounds." "...the guitar riffs come inexorable but giving way to the melodic line and the powerful voice and bursting of the charismatic leader." (via Google Translate)

"...out to prove a point and make you a fan as their sound brings together southern rock with gospel to make sure you stand-up and take notice." "...this band is ready for the big-time with their outstanding collection of songs."

"...the part of my heart that belongs to Molly Hatchet was sitting up and taking notice."

"They may carry their retro influences proudly, but their music has depth, and branches out from southern tinged roots rock..." "...a vibrant, riff led, occasionally low-down and dirty, multi-layered album..."

"This band has an infectious upbeat attitude (with just a hint of sass) that resonates throughout the room. You just know they’re there to have a good time and will make sure the crowd does, too!"

"...this should well please any Southern Rock fan. All songs are good, the music has a pleasant muddy, rootsy sound (all in a good way!) and the playing and singing very nice indeed."

"...sounds like The Black Crowes’ Northwest auxiliary."

"...Jeff Hamel’s deep, gravely vocals are so suited to the heart-wrenching blues style that it just feels like he’s lived and breathed every word he speaks. The guitar work on this album will have any Lowell George fan doing a double take, and the rhythm section keeps things rolling like thunder in a swampy summer heat wave."

"Absolutely outstanding Southern Rockers who tick every single box with strong songs, purely authentic sounds and riffs to die for – this is pure Dixie excellence. Truly Magical. 10/10"

“Every track on this record is just down right good. Complete with ridiculous riffs and off-the-hook hooks you will, without doubt, be singing along whether you know the words or not… yep.. the record is just that damn good.”

"The new album is just as good, if not better than anything that Skynyrd has put out including old classic songs still played on the radio today. This is a band ripe for the national spotlight."

"Overall this is a fantastic album..." ”...this is southern-rock at it’s best!" "No matter what kind of rock you are into I would suggest this album."

“Southern Rock From Seattle? Sure, why not? SweetKiss Momma's authentically rural roots-rock is peppered with enough down-home thunderboogie to please even the hairiest/scariest Freebird fan.”

“A Rootsy, Southern Soul-tinged, instant classic.”

"...the album that could be their big break." "A band with this kind of kismet, this humility, this comfort in their own skin, is bound to go places in their own time..."

"A young band with an old soul!"

Stacy (Crazy Mama) Ireland, Disc Jockey - KZOK Seattle

"WOW! That was my first impression of this album when I first listened to it. I didn’t think that anyone could ever capture the feel and sound of 1970′s southern classic rock..." "If southern classic rock band’s like The Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet, and the great Lynyrd Skynyrd are your thing, go and add Sweetkiss Momma to your list,"

"Sweetlkiss Momma’s Revival Rock inserts new blood into a classic genre." "The up-to-date interpretation of the spiritual South’s laid-back swagger is authentic without sounding dated..."

"SweetKiss Momma's rebel rock is something that resonates from the Deep South, through their home in Puyallup and beyond. When you listen to the grit of dirty guitar, down-home lyrics and whiskey-licks, it's irresistible."

"The band SWEETKISS MOMMA are the torch bearers of that southern rock sound that was created by the likes of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS AND LYNYRD SKYNYRD."

"...a Southern rock band deeply influenced by the seventies and the latest Black Crowes, with a hint of blues and a pinch of pop."

"Their sound is American Southern roots, soul-fueled and so laid back at times as to be completely horizontal." "SweetKiss Momma have a classic sounding, timeless album, making a great listen." 5/5

"(Sweet Kiss Momma) walk among Southern Rock as if they had a lifetime doing it..." "...it is clear that these guys have been raised among the old records of Skynyrd and The Allman Bros., and also the not so old Black Crowes and Drive By Truckers."

"... infectious melodies, drawl, organ and Southern-fried guitar licks." "If you like Southern rock, you’ll be all over Sweetkiss Momma’s Revival Rock."

"North Americas best Southern Rock posse hail from the north, Puyallup, WA to be exact." "...this five piece have released a modern rock classic." "Hell...this sounds like a best-of album, not a debut."

"…nice wah-wah guitar rock, deposit somewhere between SKYNYRD, early phase, and CCR..."

"...SweetKiss Momma succeeds at making blues, southern rock tracks a near spiritual experience." "…these songs have heart; these songs have grit; these songs have staying power." "Overall, this review is a solid A. SweetKiss Momma has a solid team of musicians and its songwriting voice is fresh."

"The Pacific North West has managed to foster and develop SweetKiss Momma, a straight ahead Southern style blues-rock band in the vein of 70’s acts like Lynard Skynard, Foghat and Nugent."

"This is a tremendous rock band..." "...if you have been searching for that ever elusive great rock record, then you have found your gem. Highly recommended!"

“(translated via Google Translate) "Fashion for the sound and style of the '70s great wave rolls on an increasing number of groups." "Sounds, arrangements, construction of tracks, even the vocals seem to be transported from those times."”

"Vocalist and SKM head honcho Jeff Hamel possessing a particularly authentic gravelly North Western Pacific set of pipes." "...this is a more than decent slice of Southern rock."

“(translated via Google Translate) "The band's debut album, "Rock Revival", released in 2010, was highly praised and comparisons were inevitable, especially because it has a solid sound, backed with heavy guitar riffs. For those who like an old school Blues Rock/Southern Rock...".”

"...some great Southern Rock like in the '70's." "…it's just a real pleasure to listen to this album. Perfect songs, excellent musicians, and Hamel is a fantastic singer."

"...plenty of soul and down-home appeal..." "The band deftly alternates between thick, syrupy southern jams and slow spirituals.” "…the band makes best use of its time, crafting catchy, memorable tunes without straying from their motif."

"Revival rock indeed! This gritty platter of ballsy, blues-ified, riff-rock comes at you like a blood-spittled dripping gator crawling out of some time-warped southern swamp..." "This isn’t revisionist rock, it’s a reclamation! It’s a six-string declaration that rock in the classic southern vein is back."

"Revival Rock" topped the charts Southern Rock, Roots Rock at cdbaby.com and went straight into the Top Ten in global sales, but SweetKiss Momma is probably best known in Europe than in the U.S., thanks to its distribution agreements with several labels Europeans."

"How can you not be intrigued by a band whose guitar player has a license plate for the body of his guitar?" "They have fantastic guitar riffs and harmonies... Sweetkiss Momma truly has a Southern soul to their music."

"It truly is “roots rock” in every sense of the term. The music is warm and uncluttered, filled only with solid guitars, basic catchy hooks and good vocals"appropriate to the genre. "…on the whole, Revival Rock is highly recommended for any old-school blues-rock or southern rock fan."

"...listen to the smooth and utterly superb track ‘Come Clean’..."

"Fans who miss the fuzzy 1970s output of Foghat combined with the equally retro southern touch of prime Lynyrd Skynyrd will lap up the aptly named Revival Rock..." "It’s rock music, but it’s laid back, measured, and with a tangible air of hazy 1970s Summer afternoons." "...plenty of southern groove, and most importantly of all, plenty of honest-to-God good songs. Although there are comparable elements of many older bands in these tracks, SweetKiss Momma’s sound is their own take on the feel of those bands, not simply a copying of their sound.…"

“This performance leads me to believe that it is no longer coming… A Reckoning is Here. If you love yourself some classic, southern style rock and roll… SweetKiss Momma is the real deal.”

“...I consider this disc a great debut that definitely will fascinate fans of southern rock sound with its mix of powerful and melodic. 4/5”

“...Driven by a relentless, yet at times cool and sensual mix of blues-rock with gospel undertones, Revival Rock also highlights the band's exceptional songwriting, which is driven by the delicate balance of Arnold's powerful riffs and Hamel's raw, honest lyricism.”

"...this band isn't one of those total retro acts who try so hard to make every riff sound like it's 1973. No, they are true to their influences, but mix it with some more modern sounds as well. Quite honestly they frequently hit on a mix that brings the best of both worlds because they are not afraid to bring 70's southern fried rock into modern days. They definitely have a confidence that shows through and they are not afraid to take chances.”

"...a blend of Frampton Comes Alive meets Lynyrd Skynyrd with a helping of CCR’s Green River and a splash of Northwest Seasoning. This is a must have album for any music lover...".

"…These guys obviously spent some time digesting their parent's record collections, and seem as though they would be right at home on a vinyl LP circa '74."

"...solid sound, backed with heavy guitar riffs, SweetKiss Momma is a group for those who like the old school of Southern Rock and Blues Rock."

"...Their style of modern classic southern rock - with both jamming rock songs, and mellow and soulful ballads - really is something that you don't hear every day, especially this well." "a reminder of the golden era of rock 'n roll, something that any fan of 70s classic rock can appreciate. I know this album just came out, but I'm chomping at the bit for more already! Seriously, go pick this one up...".

“It's totally retro throughout the album - no wonder that that album's titled 'Revival Rock'. Highlights include 'Son Of the Mountain'; the exquisite 'Mercy Love' that has a bit of 'Sweet Home Alabama' riffage and much more in it; 'Rocket Ride' - not be confused with the Kiss number - lol." "F*ck*n' Excellent. 10/10”

“Mountain meets Grand Funk in a duel to the death. What, you were expecting a dissertation on the unrest in the middle east? This album is heavy (heavy, man!) in the middle and pretty damned sweet in the hooks. If you want subtlety, try AC/DC. Just turn it up, baby.”

“While making the rounds of the club scene in Seattle/Tacoma, front man Jeff Hamel and his cohorts from Puyallup, are selling a surprising number of records across Europe thanks to new distribution deals with Just For Kicks Music, Barchen Records, and Sonic Rendezvous, and are hoping to do the same within North America. Revival Rock, hailed by GreatIndieMusic.com as “A Rootsy, Southern Soul-tinged, instant classic”, is the follow-up to their self-titled EP released in 2008. The album has reached #1 in sales on both the “Roots Rock” and “Southern Rock” charts via CD Baby.com, and at several points, rose into the Top-10 on the overall sales chart (among the 250,000+ artists using CDBaby)...”

"Top 100 New Southern Rock Songs" 16.Slow Fade - SweetKiss Momma 49.Mercy Love - SweetKiss Momma 71.Son of the Mountain - SweetKiss Momma

“There's plenty going on with the SweetKiss boys, including new members and new shows, so Bobble Tiki might as well let lead singer Jeff Hamel tell you all about it ... BOBBLE TIKI: You guys have a gig coming up Saturday at Stonegate Pizza. Coincidentally, the Volcano's Tournament of Pizza is currently going on (shameless plug). Have you guys voted? Being Puyallup types, any thoughts on P-Town's best pie? JEFF HAMEL: I haven't been voting, but my wife, Kim, has been doing so religiously (and is not-so-secretly pulling for Oldschool in Oly). I love all pizzas equally, so for me it would be like trying to judge the Miss America Pageant: Which perfect 10 is most perfectly 10? As for P-town, I see Trackside on the list. They do make a good pie, but they put the toppings on top of the cheese so everything falls off ... this might take them down a notch in my book. We have a Casa Mia downtown as well. They rate pretty high for me just on strength of sauce...”

“Sitting on the Ripple couch with Jeff, from hard-ass Southern Rockers, Sweet Kiss Momma When I was a kid, growing up in a house with Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, and Simon and Garfunkel, the first time I ever heard Kiss's "Detroit Rock City," it was a moment of musical epiphany. It was just so vicious, aggressive and mean. It changed the way I listened to music. I've had a few minor epiphany's since then, when you come across a band that just brings something new and revolutionary to your ears. What have been your musical epiphany moments? The first time I can really remember being awed was seeing the movie “Back to The Future” as a kid. I grew up with classic country in the house, and gospel and spirituals at church, so in the movie when Michael J. Fox’s character did that crazy solo during “Johnny B. Goode”, I had the same reaction that the folks in the dance scene did, it was so foreign to me. It’s funny how Chuck Berry was such an influence for the bands that I r”

“…SweetKiss Momma has such a cool vibe goin’...Not to mention, this Seattle/Tacoma-based group offers up a kick-ass band name. …this record was incredibly catchy, had a very nice flow and really draws the listener in. Excellent job here overall for Sweetkiss Momma as they prove to you that they hold all of the perfect ingredients and essentials toward being a hugely successful band."”

“…Drawing from the past and present, from Allman Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Kings of Leon, SweetKiss Momma offer gritty back porch, whiskey-dripping, southern rock charm. They're darn good at it, too. …Sweetkiss Momma's Revival Rock is pure, gritty, and authentic Southern rock about 30 years removed from yesterday. With sound inspiration from past influences and terrific musicianship, SKM is the real deal.”

“...After playing live dates all over Northwest and consistently impressing audiences with their dynamic performances, that have raised comparisons ranging from such legends as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band to contemporary stars like The Black Crowes...”

“It's a fantastic slab of warm, sticky, high voltage Southern Rock. A sound between Molly Hatchet, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Brought Low... Great vocals, slingin guitars, melodies that taste like whiskey on a porch on a sunday evening, its great stuff.”

“This five piece Roots Rock, Southern-style, rock-n-roll powerhouse (man that's a mouthful) is celebrating their full-length debut album Revival Rock. Creating an album that you can comfortably call timeless is not easy – many have tried and many have come short. However, not all of them were Pacific NorthWesterners that dared to challenge the world of Southern style rock and emerged on top. Revival Rock nails it on every level. ...who they are is what most people are not. Real, fresh, authentic and most of all unique.”

“Quite honestly they frequently hit on a mix that brings the best of both worlds because they are not afraid to bring 70's southern fried rock into modern days. They definitely have a confidence that shows through and they are not afraid to take chances... ...For the most part this is definitely worth checking out and I can't wait to see where they go from here.”

“Singer/guitarist/harmonica player Jeff Hamel has a voice that the bite of Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zandt combines the rough emotion of Gregg Allman's voice, while in their music and the songs that the band brings influences of both groups regularly emerge.”

“Just ‘cause they’re from the Northwest doesn’t mean they can’t rock like Skynyrrrrrrrrrd! Sweet Kiss Momma is one of South Sound's most popular “southern” rock acts. (Hey, go with it. Puyallup is south of where I’m sittin’, anyway.) And the band debuted this slick, new mini doc during their most recent appearance at Jazzbones. Check it out.”

“The band SWEETKISS MOMMA are the torch bearers of that southern rock sound that was created by the likes of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS AND LYNYRD SKYNYRD. The groove is undeniable and the soulful delivery of lead singer JEFF HAMEL can't be denied ... People may scratch their heads with regard to the geography of the band, and the images that their sound may generate, but folks can be assured that the bands embrace of a rootsier, southern sound are completely genuine.”

“It's well established I have something of a "relationship" with the band SweetKiss Momma. It's a surprising one, in some regards. I don't have much Skynyrd in me, and Coors sometimes gives me heartburn. Still, I feel a connection to this hard working gang of throwbacks - a connection that probably stems from our humble Puyallup roots. The band's singer, Jeff Hamel, keeps me fairly well up-to-date on SweetKiss Momma's progress. Earlier this week he emailed some exciting news for the band. Hamel tells me the band was recently selected by The Hard Rock Café to be "one of the 15 bands representing the Seattle area for their 2011 ‘Ambassadors Of Rock" International Battle of the Bands." Definitely pretty cool. Also, Hamel tells me SweetKiss Momma's record, Revival Rock, has just been accepted for inclusion on Pandora. Though there's no SweetKiss Momma channel yet, Hamel jokingly points out these things take time. ”

"They are reminiscent of Drive-By Truckers, Kings Of Leon and especially Lynyrd Skynyrd. What further makes Sweet Kiss Momma so special, besides the great guitar work and strong songs, the voice of frontman Jeff Hamel: tough and unprecedented soul.

“(translated via Google Translate) The lords of this American band musicians have so heard in their youth their parents' record collection inside out. Fortunately, a good taste and a preference for Americana, blues and southern rock. Movements in the seventies were very popular and dominated American charts. Yet the five more arrows to their bow and they dare ever come up with a more hard rock oriented song. Opener 'Ready To Go' is one of them and still tastes like. We are at our beck and call with 'Son Of The Mountain ", a swampy blues rock piece. With a peace-bringer, the radio-friendly as we all embellished with horns 'Slow Fade' too woolly. Then it picks up the thread in the spiritual part two - the group began his musical career in the local church - 'Love Mercy' and 'Rocket Ride'. The slower 'Fire Sweet' is then etched in the true tradition of Southern rock. In "Sweet Little Thing" is back gashendeltje fully open and works sweet kiss Momma again in sweat…”

“Puyallup five piece SweetKiss Momma plays full-throated Roots Rock on their latest album Revival Rock, which is getting more attention in Europe than here because of… wait for it… better distribution.... There’s no reason for that. Go out and see them.”

“...clearly influenced by classic rock acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes and more recently too. The textual and melodic aspect of most of the songs are borne by lead singer Hamel. He reminds you of so many a great rock voice from the seventies. And like many of those gentlemen, he also combines rock and blues here a healthy dose of Southern soul. 3.5/5 Stars”

“...What I love about their sound is the rawness of it all. None of these songs are over-produced. It sounds as if they were just recording some jam sessions, rather than some studio engineers nitpicking every take on a computer screen. You can imagine SKM really rocking your world when playing live. ...Any fan of classic, southern, bluesy, rootsy rock will be at home with SweetKiss Momma.”

“...The musicianship on Revival Rock is professional and tight and production quality is high. No doubt there is an audience for Sweet Kiss Momma’s brand of rootsy, gut punching rock n’ roll and surely the band has provided many fun Saturday nights full of bourbon and too many beers...”

"...Musically SKM satisfies, and their approach could be interesting equally for older and newer southern rock followers. 8.5/10"

“Classic southern rock, analog recording techniques, gritty guitar riffs, strong 'husky' vocals, equals an independent debut album just as good as any Molly Hatchet release as of lately. ...It's back-to-basics, "Revival Rock", straight out of the seventies America and you're bound to pick up some old melodies in the vein of The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Steve Miller Band, 38 Special, and at times, BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive). …Final verdict: it's solid rock sound, backed with a mighty fine vocalist and a nice 'retro' production. I'm sure we'll get to hear plenty more and better from this act in the future.”

“The last time I saw SweetKiss Momma frontman Jeff Hamel I told him he needed a championship belt - something to signify his band's current standing as the reigning champs of Puyallup. He was modest, naturally, brushing the suggestion off, but I stand firm. SweetKiss Momma is far and away the best thing P-Town has going for it these days. Though I say that with mild sarcasm (I came from Puyallup so I feel comfortable making fun of it), I'm obviously not alone in my admiration. Hamel tells me the band recently signed distribution deals with "a number of European distributors and have obtained publicists both in the UK and USA." Friday SweetKiss Momma, Midnight Salvage Co. and Guns of Nevada will be at Jazzbones - a show that's also a celebration for Darrell Fortune and the Northwest Convergence Zone podcast. Fortune recently won fifth place in the radio personality category of King 5's Best of Western Washington competition.”

“...You can't fault the devotion to the genre, well-crafted songs and great musicianship. If you already have a fondness for this kind of rock, and that could be anything from The Allman Brothers Band to Black Crowes there's probably something here for you.”

“Puyallup legends SweetKiss Momma (yeah, I called 'em legends) will be at Jazzbones in Tacoma Friday with Guns of Nevada and Midnight Salvage Co. The show - besides being sure to rock - is a celebration of sorts for local podcaster Darrell Fortune and his South Sound centered show, the Northwest Convergence Zone. Fortune and the Zone recently took home fifth place in King 5's Best of Western Washington poll - which is a pretty impressive feat for a weekly podcast produced in Fortune's garage (in fairness, it's a fucking awesome garage). SweetKiss Momma lead singer Jeff Hamel tells me the last time the band was at Jazzbones they sold the place out - by over 100 people. While I'm not sure what the fire marshall would have to say about that, what fans of Southern-tinged rock would holler is, "hell-fucking-yeah." Catch SweetKiss Momma along with Guns of Nevada and Midnight Salvage Co. Friday at Jazzbones.”

“You’d think that SweetKiss Momma would be from the Deep South somewhere around Florida via the Delta region, but they’re actually from the other side of the US way up in the Northwest - Washington State to be exact. Just goes to show you that now more than ever musical sub-genres really do transcend geographical boundaries.”

“Jeff Hamel is the lead singer of the southern rock band Sweet Kiss Momma and I can tell you that it´s so important to have the right man for the job like in this case with SweetKiss Momma...”

“Musically SKM satisfies, and their approach could be interesting equally for older and newer southern rock followers. 8.5/10 points”

“This group I thought was playing stoner rock or something like that and it´s not so far away from what they´re doing. Mix that with some southern rock so it´s maybe the right about a group like this. It´s really well played music...”

“6 of 7 points! ...This album has a quite a lot. The songs all have a remarkable quality, the band plays absolutely tight and with much passion. The voice of singer Jeff Hamel is variable, it has a lot of feeling and power and gives the music of SweetKiss Momma thus the grain of "Soul"...”

“(translated via Google Translate) As a state-recognized Classic / Southern / jam-rock lover, I enjoy every publication that squints in that direction. So too in the case of originating from the States troops SWEET KISS MOMMA, which celebrates her album "Rock Revival" their debut. Starts the album with the well to the next point 'Ready To Go' quite promising, so the mood is then quickly to the basement, because none of the following numbers can really convince. The highway-rockers 'Love Mercy' is still quite reasonable and with 'Sweet Little Thing', 'Left Ounce Of Pride "and" Sugar In The Raw' (Wah Wah sounds cool) is then finally rocked slightly forward - now we are also almost through with the silver disc. These three above-average numbers are then also with the highlights on "Rival Rock ". Certainly it's not the technical skill of the individual musicians. The problem is still very poor songwriting and here the men have to do intensive work on it… Note: 5.5 / 10”

“If you're into Southern Rock, you're gonna love what this Puyallup (a rural town not even 50 kms South of Seattle), Washington based band does! ...you'll understand why this band has been getting nothing else but positive reactions to their debut album! 90/100”

“…There is emotion behind the musical performances, it punches with some grit and power...”

“Ami-class debut of Southern rockers.There is a strong blend of Southern rock Jam songs, and Laid Back Ballads. Very Honest Music from a young and upcoming band.”

“Think early ZZ top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers but mixed in with some lighter doses of say Blue Cheer and Grand Funk Railroad...”

“SweetKiss Momma is able to have the bluesy style of a CCR or Guess Who, but has enough talent to make current listeners fall in love with the band. … Furthermore, rather than merely working off a formula that works, the inclusion of a more psychedelic rock sound showcases a uniqueness to SweetKiss Momma’s... Rating: 8.1/10”

“...Doubled leads, beautiful melodies, a nod to the always welcoming rhythm and a rough, yet gentle expression in the voice of front man Jeff Hamel.”

“Anytime I mention a group outside of the hip hop arena then they must really have something good going on. For those that don’t know, I’m a hip hop and R&B head through and through but good music is something that speaks to the soul…”

“…I'm sure fans of Southern/roots rock would put me straight on what I consider to be the dull period of the Black Crowes' career but Sweetkiss Momma have released an album that will have said fans queuing around the block to get a piece...”

“Good job here guys! Some great Southern rock on show here, strong songs throughout and all well performed, fans of southern rock will love this. ”

Dave Watts - OVERLOADED Radio Program - UK

“Mixing fool-proof rock ‘n roll subject matter with their well-crafted musical riffs, SweetKiss Momma offers a diverse blend of twangy Southern sounds, heavy-hitting beats and breakdowns pointed in an easy-to-love pop direction. They create a rootsy, clear and solid direction that conveys feelings of sultry lust, lazy afternoons, wayward lifestyles, and survival, all while holding onto their Northwest roots.”

“SweetKiss Momma music raWks ! "With a southern rock twist from the northwest band SweetKiss Momma carries on the tradition of the Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd's and other guitar armies, there is something here for that drive home tonight, crank it up "”

Michael ONeill - WBN Radio Hour

“It is clear that Sweetkiss Momma (the name is not exactly the best) are dedicated, body and soul to southern rock… …"Rock Revival" contains several passages which exalt: southern rock strikes again! Sons of the Mountain”

“Southern rock is back!”

“Tonally, this album feels like a great Saturday night out; good friends, a couple of shots of your favorite Bourbon, a few too many ice-cold beers, and the pending specter of questionable choices…”

“Very good American Southern Rock band, worth checking out.”

“SWEETKISS MOMA play Classic American Southern Hardrock, not far removed from LYNYRD SKYNYRD, yet with a slight rawer edge. The band’s debut CD ‘Revival rock’ is a real must-have for fans of this genre, because it is all done very well. Not groundbreaking, but definitely an album that will be loved by any fan of pure Southern Hardrock. (Points: 8.0 out of 10)”

“The aforementioned quintet has his first album "Rock Revival" is a record recorded with the old-fashioned, but at the same time as timeless sounds pleasant...”

“...The majority of the sound turns traditional Southern Rock, which is affected very significantly by early LYNYRD SKYNYRD, the impact on the guitar work, melodies, vocals and the atmosphere is unmistakable. ... there is a real cowboy romance and the feeling of wide open spaces and endless highways.”

“(excerpt translated via google translator) … a great mix of sounds from blues rock, southern rock roots and in part but the whole atmosphere and packed with a '70s sound, and thus textures are beautiful rock/blues... …A great voice, scratchy guitars and inspired, rhythmic bass and drums make this excellent and incisive new group really interesting and enjoyable for all fans of rock and roll in general and sound with clear references to rock 70s, Rock Revival note…”

“... the album title itself leads ad absurdum, because good music has nothing to do with a revival, with a maximum of skill and taste….”

“The album name says it all. The band comes up with Rock, who is moving in initial orbits. The songs are all well fed and get instrumented with similar sound that accompanies the voice of singer Jeff Hamel well.... 7 out of 10!”

“...It was 7p.m. Austin time - or thereabouts - when SweetKiss Momma started doling out their "dirty swamp rock" on SXSW. An appearance arranged by Joey G - who also "arranged" for a number of Tacoma bands to play "unofficial" SXSW shows this week. SweetKiss Momma, despite the modest turnout, was visibly thrilled to be a part of the craziness. Jeff, the band's lead singer, recalled a story of happening into a Drive By Truckers show the night before, and handed me an official SweetKiss Momma SXSW sampler of songs set to be released in April. Somewhat ironically described as "Texas rock" in an unofficial online listing of SXSW events, the Puyallup band didn't disappoint. Before SweetKiss Momma's final song, they asked the crowd if they were interested in a ballad. When the soundman pointed out they only had a few minutes left on stage, they decided to say, "screw it" and do what the band does best - Texas rock brought to you from Puyallup.”

“…Overall, the band leaves behind a growing impression. In Jeff Hamel, they have a really good song writer in their ranks. ...consistently fun, great riffs, and a lot of nice hooks. Storms happy times with all due hardness front, but also slows down for a couple of beautiful, melancholic and melancholic moments.”

“What an impressive debut! ...a healthy dose of nonchalance, unquestionable technical skills, spirit, inspiration and the right feel for the right songs (the lion's share of the pieces was composed by singer/guitarist Jeff Hamel and lead guitarist Aaron Arnold) to work out an album that would, if it appeared 35 years ago, probably could have achieved cult status...”

“An album for lovers of good Southern Rock, half way between the Drive By Truckers and the Crowes. Classic songs but with a something, a feeling that causes the difference between them and the many bands of the style.”

“SWEETKISS MOMMMA Yes, damn it! SweetKiss, in the case of Puyallup's SweetKiss Momma, is one word! That's just how this band rolls. Who are we to judge whether or not the word "sweet" and the word "kiss" should ever have been joined as one? Rather, all we can judge is the band's swilling, swirling "swamp rock," straight from the fields and auto lots of Puyallup. As crazy as it sounds, and it sounds a whole lot less crazy after chugging a half-rack down by the river, SweetKiss Mommma's rejuvenated and slapped-into-shape '70s Southern rock shtick really works.”

“They get their charm out of Southern Rock. But this genre is not the pure device of their songwriting. The compositions, mainly written by Aaron Arnold and Jeff Hamel, have got some more nice other roots. Hormones of comfort are poured out and they dance happily even if common suspects like Lynyrd Skynyrd have to be named. But it not only rocks in all southern cylinders but Sweetkiss Momma disperses the good old feeling from the british isle like spray, too.”

“Sweet Kiss Momma at The Silo in Sumner The Silo in Sumner is the same fine establishment that brought us "The Sexiest Bra" competition. On Saturday the bar ups the ante by bringing back OG Puyallup band Sweet Kiss Mama - and the Southern Fried P-Town valley rock should fit right in. If you've got enough gas in the old pickup, Saturday night just might be right for a trip to Sumner. It's a SXSW send off party for Sweet Kiss Momma. PREFUNK: How should one prepare for a trip to Sumner? It's tough to say, exactly, except that a roll of Copenhagen short cut is probably in the cards, and it'll probably require boots you don't mind getting chicken shit on. Before heading to the Silo, brush up with this year's Farmer's Almanac so as to be able to discuss the planting of crops, and be sure to adherer a sticker of Calvin pissing on something to your vehicle. In a pinch, bikini girl mud-flaps will do.”

“For some bands, playing in small taverns and sparsely-attended festivals while making virtually no money is acceptable. SweetKiss Momma is not one of those bands.”

“…Over the past year, SweetKiss Momma has gained a loyal and excited following in the South Puget Sound for their blues-tinged, classic rock sound and high-energy live shows…”