Sweet Delta Dawn / Press

“Psychedelic rockers Sweet Delta Dawn debut in Racine at George’s Tavern with a very special Grateful Dead tribute concert on Saturday, August 6th with their friend FlowPoetry. Sweet Delta Dawn is sure to satisfy your desire for some heady Dead jams!”

“These guys can really groove!”

“Fall in love with a local band: Sweet Delta Dawn. When the Brink Lounge wanted to host a tribute to The Grateful Dead, Madison's Sweet Delta Dawn was a natural band to call. For almost five years, the Jam Band has evoked the sound and the improvisational style of the Dead, Phish and a host of other bands. Interestingly, the band's inception came not on stage, but in the recording studio, when two members met while studying audio engineering at Madison Media Institute. Ahead of the Brink Lounge show on Feb. 19, Sweet Delta Dawn's Jeff Clarke agreed to answer our "Fall in love with a local band" Q&A, based on a study about people falling in love: (Check out the link for the full interview)”

“The Frequency, Sweet Delta Dawn, Flowpoetry & WIJAM Present Hippy Hideout "First Mondays" Music Series The Frequency ~ Madison, WI. On the first Monday of every month, starting in September, Hippies will take over The Frequency! Together, FlowPoetry and Sweet Delta Dawn are continuing Madison's awesome Jam scene for all the Heads in town. Each month we will have a variety of different local and regional artists bringing you some of the best Jam music around. Come on down to the The Frequency for the Hippy Hideout! 9/7 - Sweet Delta Dawn, FlowPoetry, Kaahele, The Earthlings, Nicholas James, Spencer Houghton 10/5 - Sweet Delta Dawn, FlowPoetry, Ruckzuck, Jon Schinke (of Ifdakar), Jack O Roses, Spencer Houghton 11/2 - Sweet Delta Dawn, FlowPoetry, Newport Jam, Evergreen Acoustic Duo, A.j. Binash, Spencer Houghton”

“Sweet Delta Dawn plays in the Lounge at The Brink lounge Madison from 9pm-1am on Halloween; Friday, October 31st. The Earthlings will be playing from 9pm-1am in the Nightclub area at The Brink. We will have a costume contest with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. As well as door prizes, and 3 different raffles, including two different handblown glass raffles which are being sponsored by Classy Glass Inc. and Azara Hookah Madison. Doors open at 8:30 $5 with a costume and $7 without a costume.”

“^Sweet Delta Dawn^ We are a group of eccentric musicians working together to find enlightenment through tasty jams. Brought together by a love for classic rock and a desire for improvisation. We hope to bring a few extra smiles. Check Out Our Website! www.sweetdeltadawn.com Or, email us at thesweetdeltadawn@gmail.com”