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“Sweet Crystal - 5 Carat Rock If there was a mythical act in '80s US indie AOR, that was SWEET CRYSTAL without a doubt. These veterans continue faithful to their brand of fabulous classic pomp-tastic sound in 2016 with their fresh new album "5 Carat Rock". This is Sweet Crystal's 5th release (thus the name), perhaps their most poignant work to date - which is saying a lot. Current musical trends are not the path for Sweet Crystal, that's for sure. This band keeps faithful to their origins - with an updated production - so if classy Pomp with a light progressive touch is your thing, "5 Carat Rock" fulfills your musical desires. You have here strong guitar tones & solos, lovely keyboard melodies (lots) plus solid arrangements and dynamic vocal performances, all with a bright and up-to-date production.”

“What has become a very sweet trend at the prestigious Detroit Music Awards continued again this year as veteran Christian rockers SWEET CRYSTAL grabbed two more awards at the 24th annual gala. "No, this really doesn't get old…or even expected" says founding member Marq Andrew Speck(keyboards/lead vocals). "The voting for these awards come from all walks of the music scene in Michigan and what it says is that our associates, our compatriots, our peers in the business recognize both the sincerity of what we do and what we represent in our music and message…and that recognition is a blessing to the three of us that have been in the band since its inception." Taking home the 2015 awards for Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act as well as Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording for their song "Foot Of The Cross" (this song from the recently released EP "QUAD" also (this song from the recently released EP "QUAD" also just won a 2015 Global Music Award in the Rock category).”

“For four decades, Christian rock band Sweet Crystal has been spreading its music and message across the globe. Formed in the winter of 1971-1972, the group made up of Marq Speck (lead vocals, keys) and Bill Blatter (guitar, vocals) of Local 784 (Pontiac, MI) and Steve Wieser (drums) of Local 625 (Ann Arbor, MI) has stood the test of time. “We clicked musically and had the same influences,” Speck says of the trio’s meeting. “It was divine intervention. It’s the way God works, pointing us in the right direction. It took us six or seven years to know what we were supposed to be doing, but God had a point for us then and does now. We’re doing exactly what we need to be doing.”The members of Sweet Crystal are proud of the band’s success in recent years. In the last four, years the band has taken home 11 Detroit Music Awards. “When you’re younger, it builds into your ego,” Speck says. “Nowadays, we’re just blessed. We sit back and go, ‘wow.’ We’re much ”

“In unprecedented style, Christian rock band SWEET CRYSTAL made it a “clean sweep” at the 22nd Annual Detroit Music Awards Show (DMA) on Friday, April 19, 2013, winning all five awards in the “Outstanding Gospel/Christian” category. For the third year in a row, the band took home the “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act” award, solidifying their hold on that prestigious category. This turned out to be just the first of five awards they were about to garner. Keyboardist and lead singer Marq Andrew Speck was then awarded “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Vocalist”, “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter” and shared the award for “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Musician”, to make it four for four at the DMA pre-show. What came next at the live concert awards ceremony turned out to be even sweeter for these musicians. SWEET CRYSTAL opened the DMA show with a live performance in front of the nearly one thousand attendees packing the Fillmore Theater in downtown Detroit.”

“Marq Speck and his band Sweet Crystal are dedicated to performing benefits, so it was easy to say yes to a show Friday at Kahuna Coffee in Hartland Township. It was only after agreeing that he found out who the benefit was for, and it came as a bit of a shock. The benefit is for Hartland Township resident Tom Zremski, a one-time co-worker who now faces some big medical bills. "He and I had worked together for a company in Livonia, but I hadn't seen him in several years," Speck said. "Now, I know why." Zremski has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, and the coffeehouse benefit performance will help him seek treatment in California. Sweet Crystal, an award-winning Christian rock band, will perform acoustic sets from Friday at Kahuna Coffee, 1836 N. Old U.S. 23, on Zremski's behalf. Though the band members specialize in arena-style rock, Speck said Friday's acoustic show gives them an opportunity to do what they do best. "We love to play and spread the Word," he said.”

“They may have been away for over eight years but SWEET CRYSTAL have lost none of their pomposity, as the new release “III” proves. These stalwarts of the Christian music scene are renowned for delivering pomp laden AOR of a very high standard. With two releases under their belts (“Power And Glory” and “Still Standing”) they’ve spent the last few years still performing, as well as writing this album. SWEET CRYSTAL are at their best on the pomp rock strains of ‘Holding Our Own’, ‘Prisoner, Unbound’, ‘Did You Come Here To Save Me?’ and ‘Lion Of Judah’… this is a great CD. Early STYX fans will enjoy it the most but pomp fans in general will find plenty here to entertain them.”

“SWEET CRYSTAL makes a return with a new CD titled ‘3’. The band returns with a full-length new CD and gladly musically nothing has changed. The band is still playing pure 1980s AOR with some Pomprock touches, That means this is pretty much a dream for the AOR fans out there and I can honestly inform you this album is filled with high class AOR music from start to finish. It contains everything we want to hear in this genre, such as picture perfect clean vocalwork, catchy hooks, memorable melodies, smooth pompous keyboards, melodic guitarwork and a very strong rhythm section. SWEET CRYSTAL is an incredible gifted band with a sound that should be heard by any fan of AOR, Pomp or even Symphonic Rock, because the high quality of their songs is remarkable and sometimes sounding as if they were classics made in the golden years of this genre (the 1980s)… a must-have for any AOR fan out there. ”

Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutter'Zine

“I listened to the CD 3, straight thru 4 times. What I heard was hard work, sweat, few tears, and true passion for music. Your band Sweet Crystal is a true talent. The song "Got to get you into my life" sounds like it was nothing but fun to do, and finding a track to put on the cd was tuff. I am loading into my Ipod. Thank you. One day I will pop in on a gig. Keep it fun and pure from the heart. Nice collection of work I know it took a lot of time to make a finish package.”