Sweet Crude / Press

"The first time I saw them play was at Tipitina’s, and I was impressed by their musicianship as well as the way the crowd got involved. It reminded me of seeing bands from Brazil or Africa that sing in languages that are unfamiliar to English speakers. As long as the music moves the crowd, it doesn’t matter what language the lyrics are in..."

"On a late-May Wednesday night at the AllWays Lounge, New Orleans indie rock septet Sweet Crude are playing to a large, lively audience. Any concern the weekday late night crowd may have about getting up for work in the morning is not evident. Sweet Crude is playing their energetic brand of percussion-driven indie pop (think Hummingbird, Go!-era Theresa Andersson, but with people instead of loops), and the enthusiastic audience is dancing, cheering, and singing along throughout the set; at least, the audience is trying to sing along. There is one small hiccup with attempting to follow Sweet Crude’s lyrics: more than half of them are in Cajun French..."

"They took the Cajun music standard and 'put a funky, almost New Orleans bounce rhythm to it,' Craft says over coffee. Its popularity made them want to start a project that incorporated Cajun French with indie rock. 'We knew that the language would sound good in our music as well,' he says. 'We can extrapolate on this.'..."