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“The Quatrain Collection has it all. Great pop, fun rockers, sad moody ballads, and all of this with lyrics that will get to you and stick with you, and melodies that you'll not likely forget. Swedish Brilliance prove to anyone that will listen that good pop music is out there as long as you know where to look for it. The Quatrain Collection is an album that should be in every music lovers collection. This album is definitely a winner! The Quatrain Collection is nothing short of perfection ”

Andrea Guy - Andrea Guy

“There is really no single, distinct sound, that describes Swedish Brilliance. Instead, there are numerous sounds that enclose the album The Quatrain Collection into a sole category of its own.”

Alec Cunningham - Alec Cunningham

“The Quatrain Collection combines those the EPs into a single album that carries influences of Abba, the Pixies, Dave Matthews, The Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, and something that seems to be a unique and pleasing blend of what can only be described as Swedish Brilliance.”

Rhonda Readence - Rhonda Readence

“jag lovade er att lägga upp en låt och här är en av dem :)”

“Det låter förövrigt bra eftersom han till skillnad från mig kan sjunga!”