Swear and Shake / Press

"Their new musical venture…paints a fresh new color to the somehow predictable indie folk landscape."


"…Kari Spieler has a soulful bedroom drone that fits perfectly between the strumming banjo…"

"...fodder for obsession."

"Maple Ridge... is exactly what a full-length debut should look like."

“...heartbreaking and familiar”

“...led by Kari Spieler's gorgeously full voice.”

"expansive, majestic, harmony-heavy"


“. . .harmonies guaranteed to give goosebumps”

“Musical discoveries like these make me want to move to NY.”

“A sunny and soulful folk-rock shindig”

". . .a mainstay on the New York scene"

“simple, charming and warm”

“. . .in the middle of the surging indie-folk scene”

“. . .head over heels for this band.”

“clap-along, indie-folk harmonies with splashes of huffed harmonica and touches of Nicole Atkins”

“Daring and direct”

“. . .'game-on' faces fully plastered.”

“The band dynamic was clearly on display last night at the EP release at Arlene’s Grocery.”

“The pure and honest “Johnnie” sounds as if it was recorded during the Civil War with its stilted drums and timeless melody.”