Swaybone / Press

“It's not Christian rock. It's not Satantic death metal at the other end of the spectrum. It's guru rock, for lack of a better term. Inspired by the American-born religious teacher Adi Da Samraj, Swaybone has put the goal before them of making good music & creating a better world, with an ideology based on ego-transcendence, prior unity & a global cooperative forum. Swaybone is brave enough to chart these new waters! In terms of lyrics Swaybone is like Neil Young or Bob Dylan who, who have also written their fare share of religious songs. You can sing along with Swaybone & it makes a difference. Singing a chorus that includes the line "Not two is peace" is an enjoyable linguistic experience for the tongue, while the mind figures out the meaning of the quasi-mysterious phrase. Swaybone is definetly on the road to proving that one doesn't need to always sing about partying, sex & drugs or other banal subjects to rock out.”