Soul Understated Ft. Mavis 'SWAN' Poole / Press

“The announcement said to get there by 8:45pm..but people were standing in the aisles by 8:30pm to catch a glimpse and hear the fierce soul stylings of Soul Understated featuring Mavis "SWAN" Poole..it would be easy for another singer to get lost amidst the back-up singers, guitars, percussion and brass, but not Ms. Poole...Maybe it was the heat, or the vibe in the room or the way Ms. Poole turned what could have been a wail into the most soulful of music, but we couldn't help but to be reminded of Ledisi's early performances, in the basement of San Francisco's Cafe Du Nord..Soul Understated is a skillful ensemble, adeptly and seemingly effortlessly weaving together soul, jazz, funk and gospel..and Ms. Poole does not miss a beat, adding scat and rap to the mix like the final spices in an excellent gumbo..you at least owe it to yourself to download her debut album and get in on the ground floor of something great. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soul-tree-sultry/id332467645”

“Mavis, you knocked me out with your soul, sound, voice, and direct honesty, plus great musicianship. The record is a total bomb. I LOVE the CD. You're a wonderful singer, and the band is smoking. Its quite moving. It swings, and has got all the stuff that I like!”

"Mavis can sing almost anything and has a huge vocal range, both high and low. When I asked her to do "Fly Me To The Moon," she flawlessly skipped up a whole octave at one point, becoming a soprano. She trained her radiant smile on me for the whole tune. I was in love."

"And of what she sang I know not, but her voice touched every chord of my being; something hand alone cannot make. A voice that takes on many shades and colors, and out pours many musical instruments that all come alive from one being ethereal."

"Sorry Jill Scott, not so fast Angie Stone, not that we don't love you ladies, but Mavis SWAN Poole is the clear choice for Midpoint. This street wise, world traveled, diva can sing anything she wants..."