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“Chiseled from the quarry of classic rock, Swanee River’s recent Kick Off Yer Clogs EP found them evoking such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Free and Rory Gallagher. they can make the sounds of past decades seem so utterly relevant”

hotpress mag - hotpress magazine

“Swanee River have developed their own sound, as showing "versatility and mastery of both song-writing and arranging with songs that are hook-infested, the kind of stuff that hangs in your head while your out wondering aimlessly." ”

“'these boys send the Kings Of Leon back to play school'”

Alban McGuinness - The Irish News

“Swanee River came and took over the Queens student union… surely one of the hardest working bands in the north at the moment….. their furious live reputation goes from strength to strength –”

Radar Magazine

“Swanee River are one of the best bands around…..they blew me away…..is there a tighter band out there? I don’t know.”

– Jonny Hero, - Downtown Radio

“Moneymaker 'Baby Better Lady' signifies the River's end is near at hand but not without one last almighty swell of mastery particularly from Horner, whose command of the stage is unique and overwhelming, delivering one last swanee charge.”

Niall Kerr - Mid Ulster Mail

“'If anything the lights have skewed to an even sexier, darker red for the Derry foursome”

Nial Kerr - Mid Ulster Mail

“'Swanee River owe a great deal of who they are to the past and the past owes Swanee River for upholding it at such a high standard' ”

“‘Swanee River have actually perfected that old fashioned rock and roll pre-Zeppelin sound, succeeding in tricking their audience into believing they’re at a real rock concert in the 60’s, loud proud and rather sexy too’ – ,”

Juliann Campbell - Derry Journal

“‘absolutely rockin’, the best local release this year, fantastic’ –”

Maiden City FM 106.2

“‘it flirts between Cream and The Small Faces….its a while before they realise what a monster they’re capable of…Stevie Horner recalls Rodgers, Marriott and even early Clapton with his range and phrasing’ –”

Eamon P. Keyes, - Fastfude NI Music scene, CD Review,

“....this is definitely a band to keep an eye on, I can see Swanee River getting loads of airplay, selling truck-loads of albums, filling arenas and headlining festivals well beyond these Irish shores in just a few years time. Great rock'n'roll, lads - I can't wait to hear more! -”

Rachel Blech, music broadcaster - - RTE Radio 1

“Swanee River winner of this months battle of the bands”