The Swaggerin' Growlers / Press

“I think I played this disc non-stop for 24 hours and still couldn't find a bad track on the disc... this is high energy celt-punk with both bite and humor... and my new disc to pre-game before going out to the pub. I can't wait to see these boys live!”

Paddy Rock Radio

"Hopping around like crazed bunnies on amphetamines... [The Swaggerin' Growlers] turned each Irish drinking song into a festive and joyful musical experience."

The Wire (NH)

“The Growlers portrays a Dennis Lehane kinda Boston.”

"...fast, frenetic, and just plain fun."

Can You See The Sunset From the South Side

"Long time Swaggerin' Growlers have finally put together a release that lives up to the legends they have become in the Celt-Punk underground in the Boston area (...) This is the kind of feisty music that gets your heart pumping and the blood flowing."

Paddy Rock Radio

"Fast or slow, soft or loud, the one thing that all of the songs have in common is that they're good (...) The band's rebellious spirit shines strongly in the lyrics."

Indie Music Stop

“[The Swaggerin' Growlers] have put out an album with a unique sound, drawing from celtic influences as well as punk, ska, traditional, and whatever whatever you want to call that unlisted track [...] Several tracks stand out as anthems.”

Matthew Evans - bostonpunk.org

“Opening with a gorgeous a cappella rendering of traditional Irish tearjerker "The Green Fields of America" (they need to let Annie Libertini sing more), the disc clatters through calamitous carols about drinking, poverty, friendship, and sentimentalizing all that, which is a very Irish thing to do.”

“The music and the growl is straight ahead Celtic Punk, very much in the vein of The Skels and Flogging Molly with some Bouncing Souls/Swingin' Utters style punk. Recommended.”

Shite 'n' Onions