Suzy Williams / Press

“Rex Butters reviews "Enjoy The Ride". "Greshanz, Kay, and Steinberg get a fine trio swing on "Tell Me My Favorite Lie," Steinberg shouldering the momentum. Kay bubbles all over the keyboard, but Williams maintains the focus. " On "Wonderin How You Are," Williams writes a practical list poem of personal concerns that creates a caring characterization she delivers with an inviting warmth. Kay delivers an airy, inquisitive solo."”

“If a 1940s swing-jump blues band fell into a time warp and came out in 2008, they might sound like the Solid Senders. This band has the sense of humor to make that adjustment, plus they have the chops, including an out of sight horn section, a solid rhythm section, a bandleader who also plays vibes, and an extraordinary vocalist in the person of Suzy Williams, the humorous, sensuous, song-writing local treasure that she is. Be there or be much too square.”

““The cliché of the accordion being a cheesy plaything was exploded by the subtle, infinitely expressive, technically dazzling playing by Nicholas Ariondo”.”

Robert Ginell - Los Angeles Times

““a flammable mixture”, and Suzy’s voice as “boundless, Hell-Hath-No-Fury croonings.””

Eric Layton - Entertainment Today

““Suzy Williams and Nick Ariondo—[When] He squeezes, she torches—for one night, all’s well with the world.””

Los Angeles Magazine

““vibrant and lusty…[with] great gusto and bold emotion””

Nat Hentoff - Villiage Voice