Suzanne Savage / Press

““Songs like 'Dizzy' call to mind Joni Mithell and Marcella Detroit...this multi-instrumentalist has a bright future ahead of her.””

Colin McFee - Buzz Magazine

““A Case of 'How do you follow that?'””

Helen Toland - Hot Press

““Probably the best voice out of Northern Ireland in the past thirty years.””

Jackie Flavelle - Downtown Radio

““Wonderful...beautiful songs of Suzanne Savage””

Gerry Anderson - BBC Northern Ireland

““Depending on how she's billed, Suzanne Savage's repertoire may include hammering drum and bass, cool singer-songwriter or even sublime violin playing...of her own songs, 'Sweeter'...could earn itself a respectable places near the modern soul of Jill Scott or Angie Stone.””

Stuart Bailie - BBC Northern Ireland

““One of Northern Ireland's hidden music heros””

Lisa Flavelle - Belfast Telegraph