Suzanne Doucet / Press

“The Om Sound by Suzanne Doucet is ambient music taken to such an extreme that it's almost mind blowing. I think it's a suberp classic! ”

“The all encompassing primordial sound. Suzanne captured the receptivity of the interactive energy of the creation and the creative force. ”

“ROVING SPOTLIGHT: Reflecting Light. German synthsist/pianist Suzanne Doucet explores two complimentary mind-states on this album, inspired, she said, "by reincarnation experiences and the desire to describe musically the states 'over there.'" New Age Music as it was meant to be.”

“If your workday has you down, then Reflecting Light is the CD to play. The music is delightfully hypnotic, allowing you to release all the negatives. 5 stars is not enough.”

“One of the most incredible collections of new age music is Suzanne Doucet’s As it is now - 25 Years of Visionary Music.”