Suzanna Choffel / Press

"Choffel was one of the only singers on anyone's team this season who had the sort of voice you'd want to listen to for an entire album..." (NBC's The Voice, Season 3)

"What if Nelly Furtado recorded jazzy pop instead of club music, Adele learned how to write more than three types of songs, and Zero 7 weren't so damn boring? Suzanna Choffel takes the potential of other artists rooted in R&B, pop, and moody electronica, and actually fulfills it. Her eclectic sophomore release traffics in blue-eyed soul viewed through an indie-rock lens..."

"Hard-to-pigeonhole singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen in Austin, but Choffel, a big winner at the local music awards Wednesday, impressed me more than any I've heard here with a unique sound equal parts Beat poetry, smoky soul grooves and indie-pop eccentricity. Think Feist meets Erykah Badu..."

"Not just another singer-songwriter, Suzanna Choffel is sexy and smart. Her band's mix of pop, soul, be-bop and adult themes creates a vision that is unique, thoroughly refreshing and worthy of national attention.”