Susan Taylor Music / Press

“I'm tempted to compare your music to Knopfler but you're way better than that. The depth of your writing is incredible, sensitive and beautifully expressed. This husky, lonely sounding vocals have an interpretation that is so deeply moving.”

“Beautiful creations brilliantly performed. Bravo Susan.”

“Superb songwriting and performance - a must hear...!!!”

“Beautiful emotive guitar and vocals, flowing rhythms and an enchanting blend of styles.”

“Exceptional songwriting and strong compelling performances.”

“Very beautiful, progressive and eclectic mix of styles in this music makes it captivating and a joy to explore and listen to - the tone and quality of your playing is simply sublime and it's amazing to hear such a strong Lennox-like richness and alto depth to your vocals (are you sisters??). Loved the songs and really loved hearing the interpolation "Cloudbusting" in "Days and Nights"....”

“Suze sounds like a well travelled Annie Lennox, stripped of lush production, just giving her heart over to the music. Her intimate vocals suggest she's letting the listener in on a secret. Guitar vs piano= good decision here. Great work.”

“When I first heard Susan Taylor I was so taken aback not only by the obvious beauty of her voice but also by the maturity and musicality of her songs. Having the pleasure of accompanying Susan on a number of occasions, she performs with all the assuredness and natural charisma of a truly great musician. I'm a huge fan x ”