Susan James / Press

“Bob Weir to the Los Angeles Times regarding Susan James: "I think she's very gifted," said Weir. "She's a good singer, a good guitar player and a good songwriter who writes about interesting stuff."”

“Susan James is a triple-threat whose multiple gifts come together with provocative power... But did I say she's a triple-threat: onstage, she's got the rarest gift of all - charisma.”

John Payne - LA Weekly

“In her 45-minute opening set, James showed that she is already a master at exploring the emotional and sonic possibilities of the minimalist format of voice and acoustic guitar.”

"She`s a stunner...but it was her music that was the magnet. Her voice rises and falls like a gentle waterfall...She strummed with gusto as well as grace"

Jane Scott - Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Toward the end of her set, her only cover, "Eight Miles High" receives a completely original rave-up renovation, climaxing in a flurry of stunning guitar work. Susan James has won over her first Fillmore crowd.”

Tom Erikson - SF Weekly and San Jose Metro

“James used an impressive range to create an entire world of innovative sounds and moods. She drew an ovation from the crowd for her impressionistic instrumental depiction of a New Mexico thunderstorm.”

“She expresses herself with a poise and intelligence rarely found in musicians who have twice her experience--not to mention recording budgets. The tactic allows her to explore textural motifs,but it also punctuates the gutsiness that fuels this peculiar, worthwhile voyage.”

Richard Martin - Willamette Week

“From '93 -Went to the Bobby Weir/Rob Wasserman show at the Warfield. For the encores Susan James and Chris Whitley came out together with mandolin and guitar respectively. Those harmonies- we were floored!~”

Anonymous taper - Phantasytour.com

“James' long blond hair and folk-based songs have caused her to be compared to Joni Mitchell. The inventiveness of her eight-song set, however, showed that James is perhaps most like Mitchell because she is like no one else.”