Susan Hickman / Press

"The album “Susan Hickman” is a wonderful programme of contemporary country featuring nine strong compositions from current writers plus a courageous, and successful, attempt at the Gregg Allman song “The Whipping Post."


"Sure, Susan Hickman has arrived with first glance similarities to Lambert and Underwood. But rather than have that serve as a frustration, it’s a compliment. Susan Hickman is no wannabee clone. She’s striving and, with this album, She’s arriving."


““The indisputable talent of Susan should allow her a beautiful career with much success to come.”-”

Jacques Dufour - LE CRI DU COYOTE ( FRANCE)

"Wow! She is ON on this song! The emotion pours from her voice like a waterfall. I think she has a beautiful silky smooth voice with just the right strength. Beautiful song with big-time sounding production that will connect to listeners."

Jarrett Jackson - KCJC-FM / Arkansas

"Country radio is looking for a voice to cut through all the sound a likes and Susan is it. A great song, a beautiful voice and an asset to every playlist it is on...if it isn't on your playlist, it should be."

Ted Cramer - WIFE-FM - Indiana

"She’s quite a vocalist, with a delivery as sure and true as an arrow. The throaty breaks in her performance are perfect for the heartache in this finely crafted power ballad." – Robert K.Oermann, on "Hell Ain't Frozen Over"

Robert K.Oermann - MUSIC ROW

““This album is certainly out of the top drawer. Susan’s voice is outstanding.” ”

John Brookefield - PATHFINDER

““A rare gem from Texas. Not merely great songs well produced but, at last, someone who can sing.And how! A very likeable album from a gutsy young lady” .”


““Her powerful voice, which she masters admirably, will remind you of Carrie Underwood’s (a country music singer) especially on the track Whipping Post. The album has rhythm, as well as several pretty ballads, which is a good mix. You won’t be able to resist listening to Hell Still Ain’t Frozen Over and Sunday on repeat. This is a great discovery, as I have no doubt that we will hear more from this young artist who is enchanting in this first album. After listening to it, you will be impressed by its originality, and feel like listening to Susan Hickman again. ”


““The CD’s material is extremely well chosen, perfectly executed as far as the musicians are concerned and with Hickman emoting passionately on the ballads and downtempo items and with excitement and verve on the tempo tunes. A very good start indeed. ”


“She's sexy, talented and a dynamic new Country performer from America. Her latest single, Sunday Paper, is a hard hitting cracker of a cut which has loads of appeal. One listen to her new single shows without doubt that she is very much at home with Country music.”