Susan Gibson / Press

“And there is a feel to this album, a vocal sound accompanied by the sparse instruments, combined with the philosophical lyrics, that will fill a void that has been missing since the 1990's.”

“Gibson said being a solo artist is more conducive to playing listening-room shows, where the intimate setting allows the artist and audience to connect. "It's those smaller gigs that's when I really know I'm in a different place," Gibson said. The artist and fans "are talking about dogs and kids and where'd you go to school and how'd you get into that field. And I love that."”

“Working only with co-producer/multi-instrumentalist Gabe Rhodes, Gibson, as she did with her smash "Wide Open Spaces," strikes strong emotional chords without getting sappy, and celebrates life and love without resorting to platitudes. ”

"I decided to try to develop myself as a whole person, not just as an entertainer. I realized whole people are more entertaining. I've gotten involved in community things in Wimberley that have made me more a part of the community. I'm making it feel more like my hometown. I've lived here eight years and I'm just now getting a group of friends who aren't musicians, a group of friends who are real people," she said, laughing.