Susan Elizabeth / Press

"I write about a lot of singer-songwriters in these pages. It take s a lot for me to even notice a new, previously unheard of girl with a guitar. But the thing that caught my ear with Susan Elizabeth's CD was that it wasn't just a collection of guitar-and-vocal songs. The instrumentation is varied, incorporating a lot of electronics and drum machines as well as piano, and the overall sound is more pop-leaving than folk...the bulk of the album pushes the boundaries of acoustic pop-folk, and I for one am thankful."

"Should We Stay 'Till The Song Is Over'? - Susan Elizabeth's 'Wine and Cigarettes'". "Do you remember Sheryl Crow before she rode with Lance Armstrong? Recall Meredith Brooks and her song about being a child and a mother? The sound these women pioneered -- rock with folk undertones -- provided a soundtrack for a generation avoiding the boy band craze. Susan Elizabeth provides the same respite from the punk-rock and rap as these women provided from bubble gum pop."

"There are no overnight successes. Every great musical artist spends years, even decades honing their crafts. Like fine wine, time and tide can allow an artist a full bodied flavor and expression. Such is the case of Susan Elizabeth. Her style is essentially pop, while she segues into folk and electronic...Susan has set out to follow her heartfelt, internal muse as a solo artist...Susan need(s) more self expression and personal, spiritual exploration...This declaration allowed Susan to heighten her personal choices and take the reigns of her own music career.

"Coming out of Brooklyn, NY is Susan Elizabeth. I caught wind of Susan after listening to her album, ‘Wine & Cigarettes’ which came out last year. Susan has lived more in her young years and has gone through more than most and her songs show that. From songs like “I’m In Love With Your Girlfriend” to “The Exitement Before” Susan keeps you guessing. Pour a glass of Merlot and join me as I speak with one of the sweetest voices in music today."

“With “Wine and Cigarettes,” Susan Elizabeth Arrives Susan Elizabeth is a talented and exciting NYC-based, bisexual, singer/songwriter who has come a long way since her 1999 release, “Let Yourself Fall,” with former band, Paige 23. She idenifies her sound as folk/electronica and hopes to one day be compared to Imogen Heap - and in her new album, “Wine and Cigarettes,” proves that she has what it takes to earn that recognition. Elizabeth describes the release as, “All me. Stripped down, naked, bare bones me – no one else’s opinions or egos - just me."”

"With 'Wine and Cigarettes', Susan Elizabeth joins the ranks of the classical troubadours of the broken heart; strong but wounded, battered but still standing. There's lovely piano word here, in this occasionally jazzy/fast-folky/poppy collection of tales of woe. The acoustic guitar work is catchy and fun. The vocal arrangements and over-dubbing are at times breathtaking. Susan Elizabeth, though young, does not strain too hard trying to sound like someone else. Her voice, like her words, is honest and hits the mark."