Susan Cabral / Press

“Dear Susan, I love the song BOSTON RUN FOR LOVE! You have a beautiful voice and the guitar adds a very nice feeling to the composition. God bless the souls lost during that unfortunate event! Love, Carlos”

Carlos Mongrut

“Full applause dear Susan for a most wonderfully edited video for your most respectful and charitable superb song ' Boston Run For Love ' your outstanding lyrics and vocal is very beautifully presented.I can say when I first watch watch the video I was transfixed to each note and frame as the whole artistic piece was instantly compelling viewing . I congratulate you Susan on a most sensitively beautiful song and video dedicative to the marvellous people who gave their best on a tragic day, have a most well rewarding week of joyful bliss in your Beautiful city of Boston,Bravo ! Peace and World. Love, Johnny”

Johnny Bonkers

“JACKPOT in VEGAS is as fun to listen to as the feeling of walking through the Vegas Strip with a Margarita in a Sunny Day. It makes me wanna run to my favorite Casino and gamble (just a little :) Susan, Shania Twain would love this one! Let's keep rocking with Susan"s tune JACKPOT in VEGAS!”

Carlos Mongrut, Las Vegas

“Unforgettable tracks from an amazingly unforgettable Star, I could play any one track and hit the jackpot, so to Play All is like breaking Monte Carlo...”

Johnny Bonkers

"Stunningly beautiful passion, brilliant honesty and heart in your sweet soulful voice and piano on SOON, Susan..."

John Revitte

"I need that VEGAS JACKPOT! Perfect song!"

Richard D. Ruttenberg

"Time for some Boston magic..."

Andrew Austin

"Susan, the pictures you paint in my mind..."


"Look at you, the QUEEN OF BOSTON! Amazing, you get better and better..."

Six String Woody

"My absolute favorite BOSTON GIRL! Susan, I'm front and center at any show of yours..."

Delaney Simpson

"Playing WHEN MORNING COMES...from one of Boston's Best. You express yourself so soulfully. You rock our worlds, Susan. Listen up, Boston...you got talent!"

Joe - NYC Guitarist

"ONLINE LOVER is awesome!!!"

Elena Vogt

"I am in love with WHEN MORNING COMES. Where can I read the lyrics, Susan? Love from Hainan Island..."

Cesli Vane

"THE SOUND OF SOLITUDE is a beautiful story of love and the loneliness that one feels when the one we love is gone. Thank you, Susan..."

Carlos Mongrut

"Susan, you take me to such beautiful places with your brilliant songs and the beautiful sound of your voice. I love your music..."

The Silence

"The beautiful voice of our BOSTON GIRL. How sweet is THE SOUND OF SOLITUDE...that's what makes you Boston's #1 Country Artist. Susan, you write wonderful songs, and your vocals are so lovely..."

Frankie O'Rourke

"You'd be amazed at her beautiful voice on songs like "Before the First Snowfall" & "The True Love of Your Life." These soft rock melodies have a touch of country in them. Also, the upbeat "Jackpot in Vegas" gets you dancing and having a ball. Susan Cabral is appearing on IMRadio today. Check out her music. She's sensational."

MC Rydel, IMRadio