Susan Buchanan / Press

“Susan’s songs are off the hook. Her voice is radio ready and this is the kind of album that can change lives. Chad Hailey - Nashville Producer”

Songwriter Journals

“If Susan were to be known for one thing, it would be her unusual chord voicings and structure. Susan has captured the musical imagination of some of the most famous, stellar musicians who have said “ ...nobody writes or plays like her...she is unique”.Her lyrics are incredibly personal tackling subject matters such as drug addiction, gay rights, poverty, war, and love gone wrong. Not heavy handed, just very honest portraits of American life expressed through lyrics and intimate voice stylings.”

“– A gorgeously melancholy piano-pop/indie-folk affair expertly recorded by renowned Michigan producer Glenn Brown, this versatile singer-songwriter’s material would mesh nicely with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Sade and Kate Bush. Appropriately enough, “Third Stone From Heaven,” a tribute to Jaco Pastorius, and was to be used in the documentary, “JACO.” Much of this is fitting music for a movie soundtrack: mood music with a message.”

“I have listened to this CD several times and it never ceases to amaze me at how personal and yet how emotionally far reaching the imagery on this CD is. Susan has done what so few songwriters do today - create an accessible, relevant song that isn't contrived or an attempt to save the world. It's personal, poignant, beautifully melodic, wonderfully well performed, and immensely listenable - Over and Over and Over. I can't wait to add more of her music to my collection!”

“After listening to Susan's album several times, I have to admit it's hard to pigeonhole her style, her voice, or her compositions. She's in a class by herself and that's hard to say in today's musical circus. Each song touches something inside, tells a personal tale that translates well to my own experiences, yet finds a way to communicate feelings that are unique to her sensibilities. I find a similarity to modern singer/songwriters of the past 30 years, but none have the ability to tell me something in the way that Susan can. The songs that most impress me are Thanksgiving Day, Oregon, Walk Away and the title tune, Mr. Crazy. If I may be so bold; put this music on at night, lower the lights, close your eyes and let the songs carry you where they may. Find in each song that spirit that can touch you...and see if you don't agree Mr. Crazy and Other Tales is a wonderfully introspective aural delight!”

"I got plenty of things to do, but all i really want is you.." sometimes you hear a song that just fits, and works, without adornment or clutter or gimicks and works, as it is, in it's entirety. "Free" is like the very best creation you might hear from the soul of Joni Mitchell or Tom Waits..piano, strings, voice and story but told with such simplicity and clarity that you can only be swept away by it. About as immaculate a vocal performance i've heard in forever, and I'll be paying very close attention to whenever an album comes from you..a genuinely thrilling artist to discover!!

MikeWhite Presents - Nation

“This album seems a great soundtrack for a Road Trip, Starts with a song called "Open Road" that seems an anthem for a trip down a long highway. Sounds a bit like Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos.. A classic !!! Has a lot of dynamics and suprises in store!! Loved It! The title Track "Mr Crazy" was my favorite! The songs with strings and piano reminded of older Joni albums,, Great writing, Has a bit of Darkness and Sadness here and there like Joni's "Blue" album. This record seems to have a bit more of a modern edge though. I will need to hear this one a few more times to catch all the details.”

“Absolutely beautiful and moving, your first chord always gets me right off the bat! And though Jacoesque, Hank's playing is subtle and on the money. ”

Ingrid Pastorius - The Message