Surrounded By Thieves / Press

"Whereas I find a lot of the melodic punk a bit too generic for my liking, Surrounded By Thieves managed to produce an album with enough variety and gear changes to make it highly enjoyable. With a good guitar sound and a decent lyrical content, this is not to be sniffed at."

“Surrounded by Thieves is an awesome punk band from Las Vegas. They have a an awesome live set and have shared the stage with my punk legends. They have played show in California, Neveda and Arizona. They also have thier first album coming out in November. I got Brandon to tell their story...”

“SURROUNDED BY THIEVES, "Prophecies of Greed" (reverbnation.com/surroundedbythieves): With its hyperventilating harmonies and fired-from-a-cannon velocity, Surrounded By Thieves' riot-in-the-streets punk is suggestive of the best of the solar-powered SoCal scene (Pennywise, Circle Jerks, etc.), but there's nothing sunny here: This is a backs-against-the-wall kind of record, something to be blasted to make the neighbors as pissed off as SBT often sounds. Unemployment, civil unrest, hangovers -- this is the grist of these melodic, pulse quickening wind sprints, which recall the socially aware charge of Reagan-era punk (the band even riffs on Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" at one point). Prepare to break a sweat -- or a few knuckles.”